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15 Kinds of Exploitation You Should Strongly Object To

By Kavita Panyam, 4 November 2017


Exploitation takes place in many forms. Most often we may not acknowledge it due to different reasons. What we term as service can at times easily be termed as exploitation. Just that we tend to let emotions cloud our vision. One can get exploited by family, friends, relatives, neighbors, boss, colleagues etc. People that are gullible are usually good-natured and kind which is why they fall into this trap easily. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you knew about the different kinds of exploitation that are meted out to people? We have compiled a list that can help you identify them and take the necessary actions.

1Your partner expects you to pay all the bills every time

When in a relationship, understanding the financials clearly is of paramount importance. Each partner must be clear as to what bills fall under his/her purview. Sometimes it may so happen that one partner might have to foot all the bills of a month due to the other partners inability to do so. But if this becomes routine, then they may be undergoing financial exploitation under the pretext of scarcity of funds. Ideally, both partners should divide the bills amongst each other to ensure smooth functioning.

pay all the bills every time

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2Your partner either takes the decisions or expects you to shoulder this responsibility singlehandedly

While being independent is a blessing, it can sometimes burden you no end. Every couple sets its own rules. But there are some partners that either like taking decisions by themselves or leave it to the other partner to shoulder the responsibility. Not consulting the other partner and forcing decisions on them is also a kind of exploitation. Similarly, expecting the other partner to take all decisions and refraining from using one’s own mind is also not right. The couple should discuss and take a joint decision.

3Your partner does not help with chores and running errands


Life can get cumbersome if you are the only one running errands and tackling all chores. If you find your partner relaxing while you are slogging it away, as a routine, then it’s time you woke up to the fact that you are being exploited. If your partner does not feel the need to help you (unless he is ill or busy with something), know that he is being selfish.

partner dont help in laundry

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