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How Did Eva Mendes Go From A Bombshell to a Hollywood Nobody?

By KK Angus, 20 February 2018


Up until 2011, Eva Mendes was one of Hollywood’s most prominent faces and a true-blue fashion icon. She had a jet-setting career, had been in successful movies like Hitch, Ghost Rider, The Other Guys, and had an unconventional edge about her personality. But since she went deep into her relationship with Ryan Gosling, Eva started to fade from the limelight. So much so, that she is never seen out and about.

How Did Eva Mendes Go From A Bombshell to a Hollywood Nobody

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In the last six or seven years, Eva has taken some big steps with her Oscar nominee boyfriend Ryan Gosling, and even though the couple is not married, they have two daughters together. And unfortunately, it might just be too late for Eva to make a comeback. So, how did Hollywood do away with Eva Mendes? Let’s find out

1Why did her love life affect her career?


There are many A-list actresses who are managing a high-profile love life alongside a steady Hollywood career, but sadly Eva is not of them. Since she met Ryan on the sets of their film The Place Beyond The Pines in 2011, she has been gradually disappearing from the limelight. She started focusing on her activism and her charity work and her lifestyle business, but how did she and why did she give up on Hollywood. Since, 2013, Eva became very selective about her appearances and was almost nowhere to be found, and that obviously affected her career, as she was deemed inaccessible.

Why did her love life affect her career

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2Out of Sight, out of mind


It is very important to network in Hollywood. The red carpets, the shopping trips, the partying and the paparazzi interactions obviously help. Since Eva inexplicably started missing out on all these, people obviously forgot about her, and Hollywood has never had dearth of actresses who are available to play by its rules.

Out of Sight, out of mind

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3Eva was never irreplaceable


Eva Mendes was never really a top-ranker when it comes to acting. Sure, she can look great and play the mainstream female lead, but she has never really proved her mettle in any female-led movie, and in fact, stuck to comedies and romances. She could never be an A-lister like Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johannson, and she was very easily replaced by Hollywood.

Eva was never irreplaceable

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