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15 Ways to Eliminate Sunspots by Using Only Natural Remedies

By Milos Kitanovic, 11 June 2018


If you are like most people, then summer is probably your favorite part of the year. Bright sunny days, the beach, swimming in the pools, going on vacation, I mean what's not to like? Unless, of course, you have sensitive skin, then sunspots can pretty much spoil your entire summer experience. Because not only don't they look very appealing aesthetically, but they could also be extremely dangerous. Premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and most importantly, and most dangerously skin cancer, just to name a few.

For these reasons, you have to use sunscreen to protect yourself. But if you still end up with sunspots here and there on your skin after a day on the beach, then this article is just for you, as we are going to present to you 15 tips that can help you get rid of sunspots on your body using only natural remedies. So without further ado, let's get right into this.

1Lemons can help you battle sunspots

You are probably wondering how lemons can help you battle these awful sunspots that are ruining your body. The answer, however, will surely satisfy you, so much so that you'll be on your way to the nearest supermarket, to get as many lemons as possible. For it is lemon that contains a so-called citric acid, a great bleaching agent which is exactly what you need, to get rid of these sunspots of yours. But I got to warn you; it may cause a mild burn. But have no doubts, because it's well worth it. Just squeeze the lemon juice and apply it with a cotton pad about 3-4 times a week.


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2Use Papaya In The Morning

The second fruit you are going to need is papaya. Yes, you read it right. Papaya, because of its enzymes and peeling properties. You can grate it, or mash it, and then apply it on the troubled spot. Then, after 20 minutes or so, rinse it with lukewarm water. It's for the best to use this method in the morning and the evening. For it's way milder than lemon.


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3Use Of Watermelon is Beneficial


Last but not least of the fruit category, watermelon because of vitamins A, B, and C. Well, it's a berry, actually, but you get the point. Don't hope for quick results, though, because watermelon will only help you even out your skin in time. So be patient and try to resist the desire to eat this delicious slice. Just rub it on the troubled spot and leave it for 20-30 minutes. And then wash it off.

Now, on to the vegetables.


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4Red onion

However unpleasant rubbing a red onion to your skin may sound, it might help you because, after all, red onions are naturally acidic and they will help the dark spots fade away quickly. Sure, there will be an odor, but you got to endure because this is your skin we are talking about here. But it's not like the process itself is complicated or anything. You need to mix one tablespoon of red onion juice with two tablespoons of honey. See, it's already getting better. Then, after putting the excessive amount in the fridge, you apply this mix to the dark spot and rinse after 15 minutes. As you would want that odor gone, as soon as possible, I suppose.

And here is an extra tip: Apply this mix of red onion and honey to your body, before trying it on your face. You are welcome.

Red onion

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5Tomato Can Be Very Useful

This fact might surprise you, but tomato can also be very useful when it comes to fighting the sunspots because of its whitening effect on the skin. After all, there is a reason why beauty brands in Korea who are obsessed with porcelain-like complexion use tomato-based products excessively. But as far as personal use is concerned, you can buy a tomato whitening mask. But then again, who needs this, when you can also squeeze a bit of that delicious tomato juice, or just put a slice on the troubled area, and leave it on for ten minutes or so. Do that 3-4 times a week, and those nasty sunspots will go away in no time.


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