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Eight Year Old with Rare Fatal Disease Is Fighting For His Life by Competing In Triathlons

By Andrew Alpin, 11 April 2017


4 Jakes family and hometown are extremely supportive

Every person in Jakes hometown is supportive of the little guy. They cheer him on when he crosses the finish line. While readers of such websites may seem judgmental on carrying such heart breaking stories, one needs to generate awareness and making the world a witness to the life of a little boy who will soon succumb to his disease.

Even his family feels that 'Now we have shared Jake's story on social media, people from all over have come forward to say how he has touched their hearts. We are so overwhelmed.'

Jakes vella with his trainer

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5 Always motivated and trains hard

Jakes disease affects the nervous system that controls involuntary actions; it can cause a variety of life threatening symptoms such as excessive sweating, slow heartbeat, pupil sensitivity to light and abnormal water balance in the body. But!! Despite such conditions. Jake’s trainer Matt Azzorpardi said 'He is extremely positive and motivated and easily the most dedicated. He never misses a training session without valid reason and is constantly eager to train. He is an inspiration for so many.'

Jakes disease affects the nervous system

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6 Jake is an inspiration to us all


I wanted our readers to know about Jake the Maltese boy with Rohhad disease. He is an inspiration and teaches us a huge lesson about life. While we have many years ahead of us, we complain, rant and ramble how life is unfair. Some of us even wish to end it. And then again we have little Jake, without life, he is living to the fullest making the most of what little time he has left because the lovable little guy that he is, he doesn’t really have much time to complain now does he?

Jake is an inspiration

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