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This Dog Loves Going On Hiking Adventures, And Now He Has a New Traveling Companion

By Vishnu Sharma, 29 November 2017


You might have always thought and believed that a dog and a cat can never stay close to each other, but today, all your notions about this relationship are going to change. We have for you a beautiful cat-dog tale, which will certainly melt your heart because that is what happened to us when we first saw these two together. Read on to know how Henry-the dog and Baloo-the cat became the cutest traveling companions.

1 When Henry came home…

Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend had moved to Colorado so that they could spend their weekends by going on outdoor adventures. They also wanted to adopt a dog and when they went to an adoption event in 2014, they found their perfect pet. Initially though, Bennett liked a Golden Retriever mix at that adoption event, but later she noticed Henry.

When Henry came home

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Bennett said that Henry was just sitting there when she and her boyfriend were looking around. Although he was only three and half months old, he was almost five times bigger than the other puppies of his age. Bennett noticed that he actually had the body type of a husky or a wolf and had these long legs, which sort of invited her to meet him.

 dog traveling

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When Bennett eventually went into his pen he just came over to her. Bennett said that he curled up in her lap and went belly up, flipping his head over her arms. And that was the moment when she decided that Henry would come home with them.

2 He turned out to be the dog that loves to travel

dog hiking

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Henry must have stayed with the couple for only three days when they first took him to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. They were surprised as well shocked to some extent when they found that Henry actually ran up to the top of the tallest and steepest of rocks around, to look at the place. It was very clear from that moment that he loves traveling and hiking. So, he became the natural traveling companion of the couple and would accompany them on all their adventures.

dog on tallest and steepest of rocks

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Bennett told to the Dodo  that at times he scares them to death because he finds the highest of the cliffs and rocks to climb up. This is the reason that they have started to call him their ‘Little Mountain Goat.’ 

Bennett told to the Dodo

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3 Extending the family


A few months ago, Bennett and her boyfriend felt that they wanted to extend their family and so they decided to adopt a rescue kitten. Bennett searched for almost five months and looked around various shelters to find the cat of the right fit and personality because she knew she would want to take the new member of the family to their adventures.

rescue kitten

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Finally, Bennett found the perfect cat at a local shelter. It was a Siamese kitten mix whose name was Baloo and just like Henry, Baloo too felt an attachment towards Bennett at the first meeting. She says that he ran up to her and played, but without being the rowdiest one at the shelter.

Siamese kitten

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4 When Baloo met Henry!

Bennett and Baloo had met to find that they were perfect for each other, but the best was yet to come. When Baloo was introduced to Henry, he instantly warmed up to him and started adoring him like anything. He just wanted to play with the dog and snuggle with him all the time.

When Baloo met Henry!

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In fact, when the couple used to take Henry out on their hiking adventures, Baloo simply refused to be left at home. Whenever Bennett would touch Henry’s leash, Baloo used to scream. Bennett says that Baloo is very vocal about what he needs and wants of his family.

Henry out on their hiking adventures

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Eventually, Bennett realized that Baloo was not the cat that could be left at home on weekends and so she started harness training the cat. And to her surprise, she found that even he was a natural when it came to hiking. 

Baloo was not the cat

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5 The cutest traveling companions ever!

The cutest traveling companions ever!

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Soon after the training, Baloo also started going on the hiking adventures with Henry and today these two are cutest traveling companions one can see on the internet. Bennett says that she actually gets a lot of questions about how they got used to Baloo doing all that, and to all those questions, she only says that he naturally loves it. At times, she feels that Baloo thinks he is more of a dog than anything else. 

Baloo also started going on the hiking

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Although, she calls Henry and Baloo brothers, Bennett believes that Baloo thinks Henry’s his mother. And the best part is that their love is totally mutual. Henry too adores Baloo like a big brother and always checks on him to make sure that everything is okay with him. Bennett puts the pictures of their adventures on Instagram, where they are a big hit and have more than 100k followers. 

Henry and Baloo brothers

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6The best moment of their togetherness


best moment of their togetherness

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Watching them bond so beautifully, Bennett thought of clicking a picture of them where she would plop Baloo on Henry’s head. And when she did that, she herself was amazed by the results. Baloo simply flopped down in comfort and bear hugged Henry, like they were inseparable. Henry too just laid there like Baloo was indeed his baby.

kitten and dog

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After all of this, Bennett now feels that Baloo couldn’t be fitting any better in their family and all of them love him to the moon and back. The amazing family now goes on adventures together and is having a blast of a time.

If you too have fallen in love with Henry and Baloo, then you can follow them on Instagram and see more of their wonderful moments of togetherness.


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