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This Cute Little Dog Has A Human Face Which Has Taken The Internet By Storm

By Andrew Alpin, 19 March 2018


Every dog lover likes to treat their fur kids like human babies and why shouldn’t they? After all, dogs are lovable creatures and if brought up correctly, can be gentle with every member of the family including babies too. But as they say, pets resemble their owners or vice versa, that has literally happened.

1Introducing Yogi


Till now we have had many instances of hoaxes and photoshopping showing creatures and dogs with human faces and all have turned out hoaxes. But this one is the real thing where this dog looks like a human and has taken the internet by storm. 

 Yogi dog

Image Source: mymodernmet.com


2The dog looks like a gentle human especially his eyes


In a remarkable photographs posted by the owner of a 1 year old Shih Tzu which has gone viral, it can clearly be seen that the dog resembles a human face albeit a hairy one. You may find it crazy and blame it on photoshop, but for once, this isn’t the case. Take a look. 

dog looks like a gentle human

Image Source: express.co.uk


3A human with gentle eyes


This little cute Shih Tzu is named Yogi. He belongs to Chantal Desjardins who realized the resemblance and took a series of photographs to post on Reddit. The way Yogi looks at the camera with a deep gaze, he actually looks like a human with the gentlest eyes ever. 

Shih Tzu

Image Source: people.com


4Uncanny resemblance to a humans face


The resemblance to a human like face is even more apparent when he was photographed sitting next to his sister Darla. Yogi does not have the conventional looks of a canine. 

Uncanny resemblance to a humans face

Image Source: boredpanda.com



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