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Dirt Bike Maintenance List You Should Never Miss

By AK, 6 March 2020


Not unless your bike is the same as the Terminator 2 Judgment Day's T-1000 that miraculously repairs itself and shapeshifts back to its original luster and shine, proper maintenance of your dirt bike parts is something fundamental that you should be careful about. With the appropriate support and a basic understanding of how a bike's mechanism works, you can enjoy your motorcycle for long periods.

Below are some of the dirt bike maintenance lists that you should not miss.

1Air filter

Always check the air filter of your motorbike. Keep in mind that this is a more tedious task than most backyard mechanics think. A simple check of the air filter before you start up your motorcycle is not enough. There may be harmful particles in the screen that you cannot see with the naked eye. Plus, your air filter may have gathered moisture from a previous ride, and this can lead to problems with the filter over time.

When you replace air filters, make sure you go for the high-quality options. The standard for the current filters is those bonded and dual-stage foam filters with thick-sealed rings.

Air filter

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2Brake pads

These are also dirt bike parts that are expected to wear and tear after some time. When used continuously, the materials of the brake pads slowly disintegrate until what remains is its backing plate. This hardened steel, when not replaced immediately, can potentially destroy the motorbike's brake rotor. You can imagine the danger that comes with a brake that doesn't work anymore.

You need to understand that a brake pad's thickness can change quickly, especially when the bike is exposed continuously to sandy or muddy conditions. As a general rule of thumb, brake pads need to be replaced when the material left is only 1.00mm (0.04 inch). Micrometers are used to measure the thickness. However, there are brake pads that come with its indicator marks. When these indicators are no longer visible, it’s time to replace the brake pads.

Brake pads

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3Engine oil


This oil is the blood of the motorbike and is pumped through the engine. The primary job of engine oil is to cool and lubricate the motorbike's internal components. This is the very reason why you have to check the level of the engine oil religiously. Most bikes today have sight glasses that enable you to check the oil level visibly. Ideally, the oil level should not fall halfway of the sight glass.

Engine oil needs regularly changing because pressure and heat can cause the lubricant to break down, putting the engine at risk of performance loss and heat build-up. Try checking your manual to get an idea as to how often you must replace your oil and oil filter. It's best to use motorcycle-specific oil to handle the job because these contain additives designed explicitly for two-wheel engines.

Engine oil

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4Chain tension

A lot of motorcycle owners often overlook checking the chain tension, not knowing that this is a crucial part of the bike. Chains provide rotational energy to the rear wheel from the engine. Loose strings, when not immediately addressed, can hop off a sprocket and lessen the lifespan of the countershaft. When it is very tight, chains can potentially break, and the consequences are hazardous.

These are just some of the dirt bike parts and maintenance checklist that every bike owner should be wary about. To enjoy your bike for longer seasons, it's always best to conduct proper care and support.

Chain tension

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