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21 Photos Which Will Make You Believe That Destiny Works In Mysterious Ways

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 12 May 2018


6Childhood friends, got separated, met after 20 years

You must have heard stories of couple being childhood friends, lost touch and then they met after 20 yrs and get married. Well, this couple has almost same story as they were pre-school friends but lost touch of each other and then they meet at a friend’s place after 20 yrs and started dating and then got married. 

Childhood friends

Image Source: pomada.cc


7Got married first and then realized that they have met earlier

Aimee and Nick got married to each other and one day they sat together to take a look at each other’s old photographs. Suddenly they saw a photo and realized that they have already met each other in an amusement park at a very young age. They both used to live in different countries at that time. 

Got married first

Image Source: baomoi.com


8Meet love when you least expect it


It is pretty clear in the photo that the young girl is not very happy about being invited for a dance by the boy at their school party but she didn’t had any idea that some years later, she would be dancing with the same guy and he will be her husband. 

Meet love when you least expect it

Image Source: pikabu.ru


9Find love on Twitter

You can find a lot of things on social media networks and love is also one of them. The lady was trying to get the tickets of a local event at the zoo and the guy had an extra ticket. The conversation started and they realized that they are meant for each other, everything from the special moment of proposing to the wedding was Twitter-themed. As we said earlier, you can find your true love anytime, anywhere.

 Find love on Twitter

Image Source: www.instagram.com


10Neighbors at young age and still together

Married for more than 25 years, this couple used to be neighbors at the age of 2 and 4. Despite getting separated they met again and got married. 

Neighbors at young age and still together

Image Source: www.instagram.com



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