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15 Biggest Basic Design Flaws In The Human Body That You Need To Know Right Away

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 26 June 2018


11There is a blind spot in both the eyes


We have a blind spot in both the eyes and this happens because the humans have an inside-out retina. The blind spot is a small area of visual field which is parallel to the position of optic disk. The optic disk has no photoreceptors because of which no image is seen. However, in the case of animals like octopus and squids, they don’t have blind spots.

There is a blind spot in both the eyes

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12Getting choked while eating


When a person eats his meal, the food goes to stomach through food pipe (esophagus) and epiglottis (flap of tissue) covers the trachea (windpipe) but when epiglottis gets diverted and food goes into trachea, the person gets choked.

However, when we talk about human babies and other mammals, the epiglottis is all the way up in the back of their mouth. They can eat and breathe at the same time as their larynx (voice box) is also the way up, and this is something which adult humans can’t do.

Getting choked while eating

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13A person suffers from allergy because of a substance which is harmless


Allergies can be said to be a reaction of the body when it comes in contact with a foreign substance; for example, pollen, pet dander, etc. However, what is surprising is that these substances are not harmful to everyone and only those who don’t have the required antibodies suffer with allergic reactions.person suffers from allergy

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14Humans are not good thermoregulators


Humans sweat to maintain the body temperature which is a common feature among the mammals. However, the number of sweat glands is too high in humans in comparison to other mammals and because of this, humans are the least efficient thermoregulators. In fact, they tend to lose a large quantity of water just by walking or exercising.

Humans are not good thermo regulators

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15 A tiny blood clot can kill a person in seconds


When blood thickens and forms clumps, a tiny blood clot is formed which is called “deep vein thrombosis” (DVT). Most of the time, they occur in thighs or lower legs. When a clot gets separated from a vein, it will go into the bloodstream and when it reaches lungs, blood flow is blocked. Due to this, a serious condition called “pulmonary embolism” is emerged. This can damage lungs and even take a person’s life in the worst case scenario.

A tiny blood clot can kill a person in seconds

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