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Cruise Ships Are Much More Expensive Than You Think, And Here’s What You Don’t Know

By KK Angus, 22 June 2018


6The gratuity

The chocolate on your pillows or the flowers may just be coming out of your pocket. All cruise ship packages charge a gratuity fee every day for the housekeeping services. This fee can go up from $9 to $12. There's also a compulsory gratuity for alcoholic beverages.

The gratuity

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7Coffee is not free

Though most all-inclusive packages include coffee you need to realise that you will need to pay extra if you like your coffee a certain way. Regular coffee is included in your package but if you want an espresso or a latte you will have to pay extra for that, every time you order it.  Most people only stick to the kind of coffee they drink and skip the coffee that is part of the package and this is quite an easy profit for the cruise line.

Coffee is not free

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8Bring your own wine


You must have heard that cocktails on a cruise ship is overpriced. Which is why most people bring their own drinks on board with them. But you will need to pay extra for the alcohol you carry. It's called a corkage fee and may go up as high as $25. What you can do is pace yourself and drink with your friends, which is the smartest way to drink.

Bring your own wine

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9Don’t waste the wine

Always save the leftover drinks while on a cruise vacation, especially if you’ve bought the bottle. Ask the server to recork it after you have finished drinking. You can use it the next day and save a lot of money. Always remember to be economical while you’re on a cruise ship, even when you’re at dinner. For instance, most people make use of the free buffets and often stock up on dry, to-go food items which can later serve as drinking accompaniments, like pretzels or nuts.

Don’t waste the wine

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10Avoid laundry

Avoid the laundry services aboard the cruise ship as they can seriously cost you. Dry cleaning a single item of clothing can cost you $6 or more. Though some cruise lines offer a capped package for unlimited laundry per cabin, the charges aren't cheap. The smartest thing to do is pack more clothes, but be smart about it. Pack clothes which can double up and can be used for a number of purposes.

Avoid laundry

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