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10 Spectacular Conspiracy Theories That You Believe Can Be True

By Andrew Alpin, 16 November 2017


What is it with conspiracy theories that everyone would love to believe rather than the truth? Is it the element of shock and awe and the possibility of something more dramatic than an event itself?? Is it human nature to love to fear or wonder at the unknown for that gives a sense of excitement to our mundane lives?? In the definition of a conspiracy, Political scientists Eric Oliver and Thomas Wood stated it was “an explanation that makes reference to hidden, malevolent forces seeking to advance some nefarious aim.” Not always is a conspiracy true but it is always in contradiction of the accepted and normal version of an event.

It isn’t just a few suspicious and paranoid people who believe in conspiracies because research actually proves that 50% of the American public believes conspiracies are true. With this in mind, take a look at 15 of the most famous conspiracies you believe to be true.

1There is a secret group controlling the world


There are several references to incidents and events being caused by the secret group known as the Illuminati who want to control the world by creating one government. The Illuminati’s agenda is believed to be a new world order that will dissolve all international boundaries and racial identity under one authority. There are other versions of this same theory that places other groups in contention for world control such as the Freemasons, The Jewish people, the globalists and the Bilderberg group which is a club or conference of about 120 -150 members of the European and North American political elite and established by prince Bernhard of Netherlands. 

illuminati who want to control the world

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2Barack Obama is not a US citizen


There is a wide speculation and assumption by Obama haters that the former President was not born in the US and is a secret Muslim. The proposition was at one time even championed by President Donald Trump that Obama was actually born in Kenya and hence not eligible for becoming the US president. Obama also produced his own birth certificate to silence the doubters and showed that he was born in Hawaii to a Kenyan father and American Mother. However, in 2016, an NBC survey/ monkey poll showed that almost 72% of Republicans still doubted Obama’s place of birth. 

Barack Obama is not a US citizen

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39/11 was an inside job


Among all the conspiracies you believed to be true, this is by far the most powerful. Several conspiracy theorists have gone as far as to put forward theories with spectacular proof that the world trade center towers were actually demolished by bombs in the basement but it was orchestrated to seem as if there was an attack from the air. Speaking from a neutral perspective, conspiracy theories put forward the idea that the event that killed almost 3000 people was orchestrated by secret agencies working for the US government. Related theories also believe that the Pentagon wasn’t attacked by a plane but by a missile that was fired from within the US itself.

The reason put forward by conspiracy theorists was that the incident was planned by the then Bush administration to push forward their plans to invade Iraq. The theories put forward was that it wasn’t possible for the steel frames of the WTC to melt from jet fuel and the building collapse was the result of controlled demolition. 

twin tower

Image Source: www.theasianpost.co.uk


4Hitler still lives in Argentina


This is one of the larger conspiracies that suggest Hitler faked his own death and escaped the war to live out his days in South America. New declassified CIA documents have shown how the CIA investigated the possible fact that Hitler was alive and lived in Colombia as late as 1955. The file reveals how a Nazi officer going by the name of Phillip Citroen had approached agents and claimed he had met Hitler living in Tunja north of Bogota. The document read” Citroen claimed to have met this individual at a place called 'Residencies Colonials' which is, according to the source, overly populated with former German Nazis.”

The report was filed by the bureau's branch in Venezuela and it also contained a picture provided by the informant that showed a man who he said was Hitler. Historian Abel Basti believes that Hitler’s death was staged and he fled from beneath the bunker to a waiting helicopter at Templehof airport that took him to Spain where he traveled to Argentina via the Canary Islands. He died in Argentina in 1971. 

Hitler still lives in Argentina

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5JFK Assassination


A survey has shown that 51% of Americans believe that The JFK assassination in 1963 was a conspiracy because of the lack of the government’s inability to show who was really behind it. Although the blame was put squarely on Lee Harvey Oswald, conspiracy theories have implicated organizations like the FBI, CIA, and KGB as well as the Mob. One of the main points put forward by theorists is that it was more than one shooter that killed Kennedy because of the movements of his head after the shots. 

JFK Assassination

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6Aliens contact


This is one conspiracy theory that could just about qualify for being a subject of research rather than a conspiracy. There are many Ufologists who would lead us to believe that there have been occurrences around the world related to aliens including a number of UFO sightings but one cannot deny the possibility of aliens or life existing on other planets nor debunk it altogether. No scientists can firmly establish that it doesn’t which is why governments around the world are in constant research on the topic.

The belief in UFOs and aliens trying to contact earth has its origins in the unexplained phenomena and earthly evidence of mysterious drawings and structures from ancient times. Current research, as well as fuel from alleged sightings that fill the internet, makes the alien conspiracy a very real belief that should never be written off until a man knows all there is to know about the universe. 

Aliens contact

Image Source: www.whatculture.com


7The Apollo mission to the moon was faked


One of man’s greatest scientific achievements of the last century has often been the subject of a conspiracy theory that it never really happened and the entire incident was faked through clever imagery and simulation. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the landing was nothing but an orchestrated event by NASA in retaliation to the space achievements of the Soviet Union during the cold war. The supporters of such idea used points such as the flag waving on the moon in the absence of wind. On a lighter note, one variation of the Apollo conspiracy states that it was the movie director Stanley Kubrick who was the mastermind behind the clever hoax who shot the footage of the moon landing. 

The Apollo mission

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8The FDA has been withholding a cure for cancer


This may sound weird but yes it is a conspiracy that alleges the FDA and Big Pharma have discovered the cure for cancer but are withholding it from the public. However, there is no evidence to support this theory because it would actually make them more money selling the cure rather than withholding it. It is also difficult to believe that they would not use it for their friends and families which would then sooner or later be revealed. 

FDA has been withholding a cure for cancer

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The conspiracy says that the white trails you see in the sky behind airplanes are not what they seem. They are instead chemtrails containing toxic chemicals that are sprayed by governments for various reasons like population control, weather manipulation, solar radiation management, psychological manipulation and biological warfare. The chemtrails are produced by aircraft flying extremely high so that no one can see them. However scientists have debunked such theories saying that the white trails are nothing but water vapor produced as a condensation trail from jet aircraft. 


Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

10Michael Jackson was murdered


Even Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris believes that her father was murdered. The Michael Jackson conspiracy theory has been fueled by an incident as narrated by his longtime friend Michael Jacobshagen who alleged that the star gave him secret letters before he died in which he warned jacobshagen that someone wanted to murder him. One of the notes read ‘they are trying to murder me’ and ‘I am scared about my life’. You can read about that fantastic story of Michael Jacksons secret letters here.

Although the official cause of death has been the intoxication of propofol and benzodiazepine, his personal physician was sentenced to prison for two years on counts of involuntary manslaughter. Many believe including the assumptions put forward by Paris Jackson that the star was actually the victim of conspirators and was murdered. In a powerful interview to Rolling stones, Paris Jackson revealed that her father was murdered and his family even knew about it. She believed so, because her father would often drop hints that there were people out to get him. 

Michael Jackson

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk


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