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16 Cold Illustrations That Describe The Sad Reality of The Existing Society

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 11 June 2018


5Shame on them for looking?

No matter what side you take from this illustration, you are right. You can’t expect men not to scan women from the bottom to the top if they’re wearing provocative stuff. But on the other hand, men will find a way and a reason to for pervertedness no matter what the fashion is.

Shame on them for looking?

Image Source: timeallnews.ru

6Global warming is real

Global warming is real regardless of who you vote for on the last election. We must take care of the Earth for our own good. Mother Earth can survive without humans, but we can’t survive without her.

Global warming is real

Image Source: wroops.com

7An example of irony


We had no internet, no online gaming, no social media but we had the best childhood ever. There’s nothing like enjoying a day full of fun activities with your friends when you’re a kid. But these days, parents have to drag their kids out just to take them off technology for few hours.

An example of irony

Image Source: wroops.com

8The ultimate protection

It’s always wise to act respectfully towards the elderly. But that doesn’t mean we have to believe or agree with everything they have to say. Every generation is different and the only way to move forward is to create a balance between critical thinking and past teachings.

The ultimate protection

Image Source: i.redd.it


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