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15 Phrases Children Say That Are Code Words For ‘I Am Anxious’

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 30 May 2018


There are times when adults find it difficult to express their feelings in a definitive manner so it is quite understandable that kids might also be facing the problem of communicating effectively. It is the responsibility of adults of the family to keep a check on the kids and observe them as they may be showing symptoms which indicate that the children are feeling anxious.

These symptoms may be in the form of nervousness, shyness, irritation, fatigue etc. As per statistics, nearly 25% kids of the age group 13-18 years suffer from anxiety which doesn’t get treated and as a result, they suffer with anxiety as grown-ups also. However, if parents pay attention, they will observe that their kids are trying to share their anxiety with them in form of some phrases.

Here are 15 phrases which indicate that your kid is saying “I am anxious”:

1I don’t feel good/I don’t feel well:


There’s no denying the fact that kids might not feel well at times due to cold, fever or some other medical issues. However, if your child is constantly saying, “I don’t feel good” in several particular situations, pay more attention and try to observe if something is not right with him. Make an attempt to know more from the child whether there’s some problem in school or he is stressed because of exams, study or stage performance. 

Anxious kid

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2I want to stay home/Can’t we stay home?


Children generally prefer to go out and have fun in either a park or garden and immerse in various entertaining activities. But if your child wants to stay home, it’s high time to observe him and try to find out if something is wrong. When kids like to be in quiet places away from noise or fun things, anxiety may be a reason of this. It also indicates that they are not comfortable while mixing with people and are having problem in adjusting to change. 

I want to stay home

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3My body is uncomfortable:


Your child may say this phrase even if you feel that everything is alright with him. It is an indication of physical and emotional anxiety and at times, kids are not able to make out whether they have any physical issue or their discomfort is related to mental health. There’s also a probability that they might consider both these different problems as the same. 

My body is uncomfortable

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4I’m tired:


Does your kid say “I am tired” when you ask him to go to play or do something? Children are supposed to be active, energetic and playful but if they complain of being tired most of the time, parents need to be careful as anxiety could be a cause of this and it ultimately results in fatigue. 

I’m tired

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5Don’t leave me/Please stay:


It’s quite natural for kids to be attached with their parents; however, if they request parents not to leave them even for short duration or stay with them whenever parents are required to go out, they might be suffering from separation anxiety. They can also have the fear of being abandoned or left with somebody else. 

Don’t leave me

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