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15 Differences Between Christmas In the UK And The America

By Vishnu Sharma, 7 December 2017


While celebrating festivals we seldom think about how it is celebrated in some other part of the world because we are so busy doing everything perfectly. But this aspect of a festival is still the one which excites us, especially during the countdown days. Getting to know about the customs that differentiate us, while also uniting us all in celebrating a special day makes the time and occasion much merrier.

This is the time when the most awaited festival is fast approaching and most of you are busy shopping or decorating your houses or making plans to make the holiday happier for everyone. And so, we thought you might like to know more about the differences that are there when it comes to celebrating this joyful day. Here, we are listing out the differences between Christmas in the UK and the USA:

1Placement of the Christmas gift

The one vision that gives the best Christmas feeling is the placement of gifts under the tree, but this is how the Americans get their presents. In England, gifts are actually not placed under the Christmas tree, instead, they are kept at the foot of the bed in a big stocking.

Placement of the Christmas gift

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2Mr. Christmas

The world knows Santa Claus, but In England, young children know him as Father Christmas. In fact, you might be surprised to know that during the last century, Santa Claus and Father Christmas were not even synonymous; but now they have almost become the same thing in both the cultures. Actually, Father Christmas before the Victorian times was associated with merry-making and adult feasting and basically, there was nothing that connected him to giving gifts to the children. Even the color of the suit was green and not red.

Mr. Christmas

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3 The day after Christmas


December 26th in England is a holiday known as Boxing Day. But in America, it is known as the date that it falls on, that is December 26th only, because the Americans don’t really celebrate this day. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Boxing Day is the first weekday after Christmas on which servants, postmen, and errand-boys receive gifts from their employers in boxes.

Boxing Day in uk

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4How children send letters to Santa?

In America, the wish lists of kids are sent by the mail service to Santa, but in England, the young ones create their wish lists and place the paper in the fireplace to set it on fire. And that according to us, this makes the day even more magical for them, because they receive their gifts even after the paper has been burnt.

kids sending letters to santa

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5A snowy and a white Christmas

Now, the entire America is not covered in snow on Christmas but if you’re living in Canada or the Northern States then you know you are in for a very cold and a pure-white Christmas. But that is not the case in England because more often than not, England sees a rainy and a green Christmas rather than a snowy and a white one.

A snowy and a white Christmas

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