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This Is Why Your Child Should Be Supervised While Eating

By Andrew Alpin, 12 April 2017


2Parents should realize that kids don’t chew their food

Angela addressed parents drawing attention to the X-ray of a grape lodged in the airway of a 5 year old. She described how the child had to be operated upon under general anesthesia to remove the grape. The little boy was extremely lucky that the grape had lodged in an area which was still open or else it could have ended in a serious incident. She urges parents to realize that not all kids chew their food. They are always in a rush at school where they could be swallowing their lunch or Tiffin just to get to the playground. The best advice is either cut the grapes and cherry tomatoes or leave them out entirely. “I’m thankful to the pediatrician that shared this and even more grateful to the Mother who gave the consent for this to be shared in order to bring awareness to our community”

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3A child’s food should be cut or broken into smaller pieces

According to the WEBMD, the fourth leading cause of accidental death in children under 5 is CHOKING. Unlike toys which come with choking hazards and warnings, FOODS DON’T! Children choke more on foods than toys. For children under 5, the ideal thing to do is to cut a child’s food into smaller bits and pieces. Mashing up the food is also a good idea to prevent any untoward incident happen. Children should always be supervised while eating and should be encouraged to sit upright at the table. Do not allow them to eat while walking around and vice versa. Do not even allow children to eat while they are in a car.

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