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8 Cervical cancer signs women Should be aware of

By Andrew Alpin, 1 May 2017


6 Loss of appetite and weight loss

Like in most cancers, the symptoms of cervical cancer can include sudden weight loss and appetite loss. Cancerous tumors increase production of cytokines which are small proteins that suppress appetite. They also alter the body’s metabolism to break down fat faster at an abnormal rate causing sudden weight loss and reduced muscle mass.

Loss of appetite and weight loss

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7 Constant fatigue

One of the signs of cervical cancer is unusual lethargy and fatigue especially when combined with other symptoms. Your body works harder to fight disease which makes it tired.

Constant fatigue

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8 Anaemia

When a condition of anemia is observed in combination with two or more of the above symptoms, it could be a sign of advanced cervical cancer caused by excessive or abnormal bleeding.

The best way to prevent cervical cancer is timely cervical screening, common urine tests and a check up from your doctor even when you observe minor but unusual changes in your lower physiology.


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