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Cameron Diaz is pregnant at 45: All You Need To Know About Being Pregnant In 40s

By Meera Kaushal, 26 January 2018


If the latest celebrity rumors are to be believed, then we all are super-excited to know that actress Cameron Diaz is pregnant with her first child with her husband of three years Benji Madden, and that too at the age of 45. Yes, you read it correctly, the stunning beauty is 45 and she is finally having her first baby. The number of women who embrace the chance of motherhood in their 40s has increased in today’s times. That is because many women keep their focus on their careers or they don’t find the right man till that time.

In the past, being pregnant in your 40s was considered unhealthy and dangerous, both for the mother and the child. And though, the risks do increase when a woman becomes pregnant in her 40s, doctors are now able to properly guide women through this period so that they can have a healthy pregnancy. Today, we are going to tell you some important things about being pregnant in your 40s, just in case you need that information for yourself or someone close to you.

1The anxiety during pregnancy


When a woman gets to know that she is pregnant in her 40s, the first thing that comes to her mind is that is it safe at all? A pregnancy in this age is usually not considered a safe option; this fact alone is enough to creep a woman out initially. But if the chances were not in her hands earlier, and now she is getting the chance to become a mother, then who can stop her, right? Apart from the many health concerns, the mental situation may worsen thinking that they are ‘too old’ to be pregnant at the first place and if a woman thinks that she will be fairly old in her child’s future, then things might get worse on the mental front. But, things are slowly changing as more and more women are choosing to be pregnant later in life. So, as long as the mother and the child are healthy and happy, nothing else should matter.

anxiety during pregnancy

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2Be ready for a lot of tests


Being pregnant at any age means that a woman has to go for a lot of tests and when the pregnancy occurs in the later stage of life, the tests increase. The simple reason for this is that your doctor just wants to make sure that everything goes on perfectly for you and the baby. And, I am sure you too would want that only. There might be chances that you get irritated by the number of doctors’ appointments, but trust your doctor and do whatever it takes to ensure that you have a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

Be ready for a lot of tests

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3Having a control on bad habits


Now before you decide to embrace pregnancy at this stage of your life, you need to make sure that you have healthy habits and a great health in general. You may need to change certain bad habits, like that of junk food or lack of exercise and even get a control on conditions such a thyroid, diabetes, obesity if you have any of them.

Having a control on bad habits

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4Increased chances of having a premature baby


Although women of any age can have a premature delivery, but the risks certainly increase in the 40s. But you can try and make things work properly by having regular checkups and your doctor may tell you ways through which this can be prevented. But if this happens, you have no reasons to worry because these days, doctors are equipped with the best of technologies to help your child grow properly in the hospital.

having a premature baby

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