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Bone broth and its magical effects on your health


Bone broth is a popular dish that has been eaten in many parts of the world since ancient times. It is a simple recipe made from bones of cattle, fish and chicken and is made by boiling the bones, skin and feet, tendons and ligaments for days to make a soup like broth. This was done by our ancestors in order to not waste any part of the slaughtered animal. Nowadays, in most part of the world, bone broth has been largely forgotten due to people buying packaged meat and going to modern culinary methods and diets. But bone broth either taken as a soup or used to make dishes is an excellent food that cures many ailments. Here are 5 benefits from having bone broth as part of your diet.

1 Healthy gut

Our gut needs to remain healthy in order to keep us healthy and digest food properly. In order to keep the gut healthy, gelatin is required by the body to repair the lining of the gut. Gelatin also helps us fighting with food sensitivities if we have any. It also ensures the growth of good bacteria in the gut and keeps the level of inflammation in the digestive tract at an optimal level. Bone broth has a very high content of gelatin and since it can be made easily, we should have as much bone broth as possible either as soups or make our food using it. It also cures the leaky gut syndrome by repairing the gut.

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