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13 Bizarre and Unusual Plastic Surgeries That Are Becoming Popular Today

By Andrew Alpin, 6 January 2018


Cosmetic surgery is a huge industry today because of the millions of people obsessed with their looks. Natural looks aren’t all that revered today due to the easy access to plastic surgery that promises to change one’s body. Procedures for the nose like rhinoplasty or breast surgery through breast augementation and mammoplasty. Liposuction, facelifts, lip fillers and what not are easily available for the right price. It’s almost a new fashion trend to go under the knife. But! If you thought plastic surgery was just breast implants, facial corrections and nose jobs, then think again because there are unusual plastic surgeries that are now becoming fairly common. Here are 13 of them

1Muscle implantation


For those with money, there is no need to go to the gym and sweat it out pumping iron for muscles. Surgery can implant muscle tissue in your body and make you look like a hulk within days. Although frankly speaking, there is nothing better than the natural way if you truly value your health.

Muscle implantation

Image Source: www.drchugay.com

2Hair transplantation


Hair transplants were common for the head but today you can transplant hair on any part of your body. You can get a bit more of chest hair, or your bollocks if you’re a man and the opposite if you’re a woman, men can even transplant a beard through surgery.

Hair transplantation

Image Source: www.fuehairclinic.eu

3Body Fat Translocation


Silicon implantation isn’t necessary with the new method of surgery that can transplant or rather translocate a man’s body fat from  one part of the body to another. The method involves taking fat from places where there is an excess and relocating it to the desired areas. For slim people fat is sourced from behind the knee where there is an adequate amount of fatty tissue.

Body Fat Translocation

Image Source: brightside.me

4Dimples on cheeks


If you’re gifted with that cute dimple on your cheek, then you certainly look naturally cute but if you don’t, now you can even get one through surgery. The dream of every woman can easily come true for the right price but there is a catch. Once the process is done, it cannot be undone because it is irreversible.

Dimples on cheeks

Image Source: www.olmeccosmeticsurgery.com

5Changing your lines of destiny on your palm


As one of the most unusual plastic surgeries, this one really sounds bizarre and fantastic in the same breath. For those obsessed with palmistry and feng shui, surgeons now provide a method to have your palm lines altered according to your desire. You can design a different life line or fate line. Change your love line too although coming to think of it, if the lines of your hand determine your fate, then it is fate itself that has also determined which lines should feature on your hand.  Erasing those lines and surgically implanting different lines would be a stupid waste of time wouldn’t it??

Changing your lines of destiny on your palm

Image Source: www.medicaldaily.com

6Calves enlargement


Most women love sexy calves which are an attractive female feature. Now you can opt for surgical silicone implants to improve the look of your calves. Get that firm rounded look or even get a sporty look that makes you appear as a regular sportswoman.

Calves enlargement

Image Source: jromano.com

7Changing a navel shape


A well defined navel can be a very sensual feature of a woman. If your navel is too small or hardly visible or even oddly shaped, surgeons can alter the shape of your navel through surgery to get the type of navel you want.

Changing a navel shape

Image Source: www.cbsnews.com

8Big Breasts for just a day


Going to a big occasion and want to wear that beautiful off shoulder or strapless gown but breasts too small? Well pump them up for a day by opting for this unusual plastic surgery that gives you bigger breasts for a day. The procedure involves physiological saline being injected into your breasts which can be increased twice their size. Your breasts will return to their natural position within two days.

On the other hand it would be much nicer never to be intimidated by your shortcomings of your body and accept yourself as you are and that’s being naturally beautiful.

Big Breasts for just a day

Image Source: www.upbra.com

9Make your toes smaller


For the sake of social acceptance and the desire to stand out is making more and more men and women conscious of their looks. Nowadays people do anything for a false perception of beauty changing their looks and undergoing a surgeon’s knife to change almost every part of their body. Take Rodrigo Alves for instance. This bizarre man is called “the Ken Doll” and is obsessed with plastic surgery to the point of looking bizarre. You can read about him here.

High heels can create tremendous pressure on the feet if worn continuously. It can also cause conditions like varicose veins which is why surgeons now offer you a method to create a comfortable insole where fat is injected into the insole to decrease sensitivity. One can also shorten toes to achieve a uniform look in case of odd shaped toes or even inject Botox into heels so that you can walk in high heels all day long.

Make your toes smaller

Image Source: brightside.me

10You can change your eye color


While there are colored lenses you can use to get a different eye color daisy, there is also surgery available where silicone prosthesis is implanted into the iris of the eye through a small incision into the cornea. You can choose the color of the prosthesis which is what changes your eye color. Eye colors can be changed by removing an old prosthesis and implanting a new one.

You can change your eye color

Image Source: www.treatcure.com

11Lip lifting


Irina Shayk, Rosie Huntington Wheatley and even Angelina Jolie al have lips that any women would love to have. Surgery can now get you the same look by making the distance between the upper lip and nose shorter.

Lip lifting

Image Source: www.flickr.com

12Implanting hair to brows and eyelashes


Applying makeup daily when getting ready for work or for your social events can be tiresome when you are habituated in doing your eyelashes or using extensions. Drawing and touching up your eyebrows is also part of every makeup routine but some prefer the painful surgical method that will eliminate the need for such daily tasks. The hair from the bottom back part of your head can be implanted to give you thicker eyelashes and eyebrows.

Implanting hair to brows and eyelashes

Image Source: eyebrowspot.com

13Change the tone of your voice


Among the most unusual plastic surgeries, you can decrease the tone of your voice if you want through surgery available today. A part of the cartilage in the larynx is excised or Botox is injected into the vocal chords.  To heighten the vocal tone, laser technology is used to shorten the vocal folds or an implant is strategically placed between the larynx muscles.

Change the tone of your voice

Image Source: mashable.com