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Beware of the assassin bug as it could be deadly for you and your loved ones!

By Satarupa B, 22 March 2017


4 Here’s What The Bug Does?

It is important to note that an assassin bug does not simply bite and cause infection or marks; the bug is responsible for causing a bigger disorder called the Chagas disease. The disease is hazardous and scientifically known as American Trypanosomiasis. The bug is also harmful for dogs since the latter can be directly bitten.

assassin bug biting

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5 The Chagas Disease

The Chagas disease is not much spoken about and therefore, most of us are caught unawares about its symptoms or cure. Among the major signs that the disease is on setting, you can watch out for swollen eyelids and an anaphylactic shock. It can even lead to asphyxiation and eventual death.

You might simply feel that you have caught flu even if the assassin bug has bitten you. However, look out for the additional symptoms and visit your physician without delay.

Chagas Disease

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6 Where To Find The Assassin Bug?

The assassin bug is generally found in cracks of walls, under rocks, under a porch, in areas having forest cover or even in kennels.

The Bug Makes Life Worse Indeed

Where To Find The Assassin Bug

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An assassin bug actually sucks the blood of those it bites. They mate during summers or late season of the spring. Assassin bugs are usually said to be attracted to lights that are very bright. Therefore, people who have bright lights in their homes at night in the areas where these bugs are found, need to be careful. In fact, there is a huge probability that an assassin bug will find its way around your mattress and stay put during the day.


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