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Five Main Benefits of An Expense Management App to Streamline Your Business

By Andrew Alpin, 16 April 2020


One of the biggest challenges that most businesses face is how to reduce expenses and streamline the spending process. How does one get more control over employees spending more than they should and how to manage the budget of a project without going over the limit? Expense reporting becomes a key factor for any business owner to focus on which is when it becomes worthwhile to convert to an automated expense management solution which is more efficient and enables you to process several pieces of information simultaneously without even crashing. EXTAM is one such best expense management app that is trending online as a robust and digital expense manager with the power of business management as well. Here are 5 advantages of an automated expense management system that is a boon to every company.

1It does away with manual processing


One of the main reasons several businesses worldwide are turning to automated expense processing solutions such as digital applications like expense managers is to reduce costs, and simplify the entire process of creating tons of physical expense reports.  Even if you have a small team of employees, spending can go haywire which is why an automated solution is more practical especially when expense submissions cross a higher figure. What’s more is that it is a tedious task to keep checking is every expense comes through or not and when something is left out but yet is reimbursed later, that can impact your budget in the long run.

2Check fraudulent spending


Believe it or not, as your business grows, there may be some extent of fraudulent spending. It could be petty amounts but those add up. With no system in place, employees may take it for granted that petty expenses for personal benefit can go unchecked. Spending is done without consequence and it becomes hard for a business to track employees and their expenses as your business grows larger. 

This is where having an automated expense manager makes perfect sense as it can automatically track your employee submissions and verify with suitable supporting vendor or purchase documentation to determine if such expenses fit into your business criteria of valid expenses or not. With such a system in place you will never have to keep hounding employees to file valid expenses. The application like EXTAM sorts out everything,

3It improves processing time


When you use an offline paperwork system for managing expenses, it would require your employees wasting time to file expense reports and submissions. This also means scores of receipts and notes for reimbursement. The endless amount of paper and effort involved is prone to expenses getting misplaced. The entire system is a cumbersome process involving time and effort ion both sides, the employee and management. This reduces productivity by having to focus on processing expenses instead of spending time on more important matters. This is how automated management of expenses makes a huge difference. A system like EXTAM is more scalable to handle huge amounts of data reducing manual entry and the risk of human error.

4It enhances productivity


Productivity us hampered a lot when you rely on a physical and manual system of managing expenses. Your managers are paid not to keep verifying expenses and approving reports. It can even get overwhelming because of the sheer volume of expense especially if your business is involved in handling two or more projects simultaneously. The chances of everything getting mixed up makes it worse. With automates expense managing, there is no need for long forms, submissions and reports especially when your employees have travelled on business trips. You just need them to submit their expenses on the app on the go in real time. You get to see expenses immediately and they are also safely recorded into the system.

5It helps you manage project budgets


When you are dealing in various projects that may also be carried out physically on locations, then one of the most important aspects is budget management. The only way to keep budget management in check is by employee’s cooperation in not going overboard with expense. But invariably it does. Automated business expense managers like EXTAM helps you understand a project budget and its status at any given moment of time. You can monitor your project costs, vendor expenses and if there is an absolute need to pump in more cash into a project. This helps you maintain a budget which would definitely create a good impression on your clients as a credible and responsible establishment.


With expansion, every company needs more employees that results in more expenses. Why resort to outdated methods of expense reporting that are not without errors. Expense managing systems online come with a number of benefits as in the case of an app like EXTAM that provides you the added advantage of business management solutions as well.

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