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15 Awesome Ideas That Will Make You Wonder How You Have Lived Without Them Till Now

By Meera Kaushal, 23 April 2018


We live in a world where some genius or the other keeps coming out with creative ideas that make us feel like we have been missing out on so much by not implementing those ideas. They may be as a small as a dustpan with a place for your foot so that you don’t have to bend to a set of swings meant for the child as well as the parent, but all of them make our life easy in some manner or the other. We have compiled a list of 15 such creative ideas that were indeed implemented by a few smart people to make our world a better place:

1Clear idea

This awesome milk carton has a feature we all have been waiting for, since ages. At times, we all feel confused as to how much milk is left in the container and make absurd decisions regarding consumption. Here, that problem has been solved and we are super happy.

Clear idea

Image Source: brightside.me


2Step up too see the wonder

Kids absolutely love their pizza and what can be more exciting for them than getting a chance to see how it all is done. This pizza place has specially installed these steps so that the young, eager beavers can see the entire process before they eat their pizza.

pizza place

Image Source: www.taringa.net


3No more bending pains


We all will agree in unison that we hate to bend every time we have to collect trash in that dustpan. And so solve that problem, someone made this special dustpan which has a designated place to keep your foot so that you collect the trash easily.


Image Source: dinerados.com


4Free drinks

Who in the world would not like to take advantage of such an amazing offer? Only 2 minutes of service and you can enjoy your hot drink till about 30 minutes. A very good deal, I must say!

Free drinks

Image Source: brightside.me


5Tiny tool to do the lifting task

Spoiling a new spoon every time we need to take the pickle out seems like a task at times. But with this pickle jar, you don’t need to worry about that at all as you get a cute little tool with which you can take your delicious pickle out with ease.

Tiny tool to do the lifting task

Image Source: www.dream.co.id



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