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Attributes to Look Out for When Choosing an Ergonomic Chair

By AK, 26 October 2020


An office chair is one of the furniture most workers tend to undermine but it is one of the items every employer or employee needs to pay special attention to.

Ergonomic chairs are the most popular chairs used in several offices today because they are extremely comfortable. Choosing the best ergonomic office chair is quite technical and needs that special features are taken into consideration. Below are some of the features when choosing an ergonomic office chair from BFX furniture.

1Lumbar Support


Look for the lumbar support in an ergonomic chair because it helps in supporting the lower back. Office chairs that provide a good lumbar support feature should be able to support one’s muscle and spine when working for long hours.

This will help to keep the spine of employees intact and their sitting posture upright to avoid any pains.

2Seat Depth


Go for an office chair who has an adjustable seat feature; go for a chair that can be adjusted forward or backward for the best optimal seat depth. When trying to purchase an office chair, it is recommendable to go for one with a deep seat pan so the back of one’s knees does not touch the seat. The seat should equally be at least an inch or two wider than the user’s hips.

Lumbar Support

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3Seat Height


The height of the seat also makes one comfortable when sitting for long hours. To make the best out of this feature, go for a chair with an adjustable height seat. This will help to keep the knees slightly lower than one’s hips.



Particular armrests can be adjusted (changed positions). This allows users to change the height of the chair making sure it’s comfortable. The lowest point should be below the thighs so it does not disrupt the movement of the elbow.

Seat Depth

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5Reclining & Back Tension Control


The back tilt and tension control are other essential features to take into consideration when choosing an ergonomic chair. Ideally, sitting upright is the best alternative for those who work for long hours.



A headrest is not needed for an office chair, but it can offer extra support and relief for people who are having problems with their neck.

Seat Height

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7Final summary


People tend to spend the most time daily working 9-5 which leaves them tired and some can even incur back and neck pain. Hence paying attention to the abovementioned features will go a long way to help employers get the best office chairs.

Make sure to check on things like; the headrest, armrest, and seat dept just to name a few to choose the best ergonomic office chair. This chair will help employers to choose the best chair that will provide the best support that employees need. Being comfortable will help people to be more productive and patient.


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