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Angelina Jolie Wannabe From Iran Finally Reacts To Her Viral Photos And Cruel Trolls

By Ashish Ranjan, 6 December 2017


You must have been familiar with the story of Iranian teenager Sahar Tabar who underwent 50 surgeries in an attempt to look like Hollywood heartthrob Angelina Jolie. It is safe to say that the girl looked intimidating after those surgeries. She was brutally trolled on the internet.

Twitter went abuzz after seeing her pictures on internet where some people referred her as zombies. Many had abhorred the new look of Tabar whereas there were some who thought against the surgeons who performed horrible surgeries on her. While Jolie’s ravishing beauty mesmerize people all across the world, Tabar’s unusual transformation was disappointing. It was bound to create uproar in people’s mind.

1 Tabar reacts to the trolls


Now, Tabar has reacted to all the criticism that she is getting after her post-surgery pictures went viral. As Tabar has 4,50,000 followers on the Instagram account, she took to the platform to declare that she wasn’t at all happy with all the media attention that she is getting.

She suggested that her extreme look isn’t all that it appeared to be. However, she did not say anything about whether her looks was a result of surgeries alone or prosthetic makeup was also involved in it. It was often suggested that her horrible look was the result of cosmetics.

Tabar reacts to the trolls

Image Source: www.viralthread.com

2 Tabar’s reaction


“Hello relatively dear followers, the picture that you’re scrutinizing, even though I didn’t like it, I kept it in… I must say I [did not have 50] surgeries, and foreign sites and channels were very biased in the way they talked about my photos. I thought these people are probably living in the 18th century and they haven’t seen or heard of technology or makeup and they are really surprised,” said Tabar. 

Tabar’s reaction

Image Source: www.vietnamnetjsc.vn

3 Are Tabar’s photos fake?


After Tabar’s reaction to the viral photos, many were of the view that the pictures were fake as she referred to technology in the address that she made. However, there were also those who believed that Tabar was actually referring to surgeries that were performed on her. Tabar also said that the people who were criticizing her are actually jealous.

 Tabar’s reaction to the viral photos

Image Source: www.inlife.bg


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