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Innovation Beauty: 10 Amazing Tech Trends Shaping the Beauty Industry

By AK, 10 March 2020


American women will spend almost a quarter of a million dollars on their appearance over their lifetime.

Thanks to technology, beauty trends are changing faster than ever. There are now hundreds of products that are shaping the industry.

Are you well-versed in 3D makeup or have you used augmented reality to get a perfect lipstick match?

In this article, we'll look at more innovative beauty trends. Check out everything you need to know below!

1 Artificial Intelligence Leads to Greater Personalization


How many of us have stood in front of a beauty counter desperately trying to find a shade that matches our skin perfectly?

Anyone who wears makeup will know this struggle. You leave the shop with a hand covered in patches of foundation.

Artificial intelligence is making huge leaps to reduce this struggle. Lancome, in particular, has developed a foundation machine to match your skin tone to your makeup.

A scanner, called a colorimeter, is used to note your skin tone and then a computer does the hard work of matching and mixing your dream foundation.

As of right now, this is not a cheap way of choosing your foundation. But, it is likely that when this technology becomes more accessible, it will be used by the masses. Thankfully, we will finally be able to say goodbye to sticky hands forever.

2Forget Brushes - Print Your Makeup Instead


Are you sick of spending hours drawing on your makeup with a variety of differently shaped brushes? If so, you may be ready for printable makeup.

The Proctor and Gamble Opté wand is an impressive piece of technology to behold. This tool will start by scanning over your skin. Next, it will print makeup directly onto the troublesome areas of your face.

The product will be launched this year. Soon enough, you could be downloading looks from your favorite beauty vloggers to print directly onto your own face!

3E-Makeup is Becoming More and More Impressive


Do you love luminous looks and unique makeup designs that change color every few seconds? These things simply aren't possible with traditional makeup brushes and palettes.

Whatever you think of Snapchat and Instagram, you can't deny that their filters are becoming very lifelike and impressive.

As a result, we've seen a rise in 3D or e-Makeup. This is slowly making it into the mainstream with artists like Billie Eilish choosing to incorporate it into her own ad campaigns.

You may want to try creating your own e-Makeup. Why not download Paint for Mac to get started?

4Virtually Try-On Any Look


Are you wondering whether that new shade of lipstick will look as good on your lips as it does on your hand? Now you can find out without spending any money!

Augmented reality is one of the best ways to find out if something suits you. It will simply overlay the color onto a picture or live video of you.

Take YouCam Makeup, for example, this app allows you to try on hundreds of different looks, shades, and colors.

Although the technology is not yet completely accurate, it does give customers a good idea of what to expect. As it improves, we're likely to see it rock the beauty world!

43D Printed Makeup by Mink


This isn't the same as printing your makeup onto your face or as virtual makeup! This is another type of 3D makeup.

Mink is a company that is grabbing the attention of many beauty lovers. It enables users to print over 16 million different shades.

After downloading the app onto your phone, import your favorite image, and finally, print a specific color from this picture. Or, print the entire image!

Within just a few seconds, you will see before your eyes, a small makeup palette complete with your personalized makeup shades.

This makeup needs to be applied to your face with brushes. But, who's to say that in the future we won't be able to print 3D printed makeup directly onto our faces?

6Sustainable Products and Packaging


We simply can't deny the impact that climate change has on our lives anymore. More and more people are waking up to the importance of tackling global warming.

Consumers are realizing that they have the power and are making sustainable choices as a result. This means companies are quickly inventing technological solutions to make their products more sustainable.

Currently, it's possible to use the word "sustainable" when it comes to beauty products without being checked. But, increasingly consumers are doing their homework. That means that people are investing in products that truly are better for the planet.

Because of this, we're seeing many new, innovative ingredients that are eco-friendly. But, we're also seeing a rise in the use of RFID.

This works as supply chain management and results in the reduction of waste and efficiency in transport. All of this results in a much smaller carbon footprint for our beauty products!

Furthermore, by integrating more AI, AR, and personalized products into the beauty industry, it's likely that consumers won't buy products that go to waste.

7Learn All About Your Skin


With new scanners from companies such as the New Kinpo Group, you can get an instant gauge on how to improve your skin.

By scanning your face, you'll receive an analysis of how healthy your skin is. However, it's definitely worth speaking with a dermatologist too if you're concerned!

In the future, we may be using these scanners to figure out why our skin is looking wrinkly so early or how we can reduce our acne.

For now, you may find that this tech trend will knock your confidence. But, it's certainly one which will shape the beauty industry over time!

8Video Consultations with Beauticians


Sure, FaceTime is not new for any of us anymore! But, what is new is the increase in how many people use video conferencing to speak to each other instantly.

It's now possible to speak to your doctor over the internet and beauty companies are making it possible to speak to a beautician too.

After chatting for some time and showing the beautician your skin type, you'll be sent a package in the post.

What's great about this trend is that it's a cheaper alternative for many than going to see a beautician in person. But, it's also highly personalized!

You'll be told which products and ingredients are great for your skin and which to avoid. In a world where there are thousands of new brands popping up all the time, this information can be invaluable!

9Choose the Perfect Hair Color


The average woman in the U.S. spends around $55,000 on her hair during her lifetime. This huge sum should result in a haircut that we love every single time!

To make sure you're happy with your hair cut and the color is augmented reality! We're seeing a huge increase in how many companies are using the technology to help you choose your perfect hair color.

If you've always wondered whether you would suit a blonde hairdo, now you'll be able to find out. Choicify is a mobile app from Henkel Beauty Care. Using this app, you can try out hundreds of new hair colors to find out what suits you most.

Imagine all the money you will save by virtually trying out a hair color! Say goodbye to wasted trips to the hairdresser.

10Using Probiotics to Treat Skin Conditions


Science is going to solve your problem skin! We're seeing a huge increase in companies that are using technology to solve our skincare problems.

For example, Royal DSM is now working with S-Biomedic to come up with, what they're calling, probiotic technologies to treat your spots.

The company has described this new technological process as exciting. But, it's unlikely that we'll be seeing the results any time soon.

However, anything that can solve the most common skin condition in the U.S. which affects 50 million Americans every year will definitely be a huge trend!

Innovation Beauty will Change Your Life and Makeup Bag

There are many companies developing impressive innovation beauty trends. But, just remember to check reviews when you are looking for new beauty products.

Will you implement AR, AI or 3D printing into your makeup kit? Or would you prefer to stick to applying your makeup using powders and brushes?

No matter what you prefer, it's likely that we'll see these trends developing even further over the coming years.

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