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A Young Nurse Adopted An Abused Baby, And Found Something Very Surprising About Her

By KK Angus, 6 April 2018


A nurse's heart was broken when she saw a one-year old abused baby in the hospital where she works. Jess Hamm is a nurse at the Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida and during one of her working days she saw baby Delilah being wheeled into the hospital. Delilah was just a year old and had been abandoned after being terribly abused. She took her up for adoption and then found something about Delilah which changed her life. So what happened?

A young nurse adopted an abused baby, and found something very surprising about her

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1She was just a nurse


Jess was just a nurse at the pediatric wing at a Jacksonville hospital and came across the curious  case of baby Delilah during her shift one day. Not only was the one-year-old baby terribly abused and neglected, nobody was quite sure what could be done with the kid. Delilah was of course treated but since she was abandoned the hospital staff did not know what to do with her.

She was just a nurse

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2What was wrong with Delilah?


Delilah was suffering from non-accidental trauma and it was clear that her family had mistreated  her. Not only was she completely neglected and abused but she was also starved. Doctors discovered that Delilah was malnourished and her family had neglected to feed her or had starved her on purpose. As a result her body was terribly weak and she had no immunity, especially since she was just one.

What was wrong with Delilah

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3She had a fractured skull


Doctors were surprised to notice that Delilah had fractured her skull in places. She also had broken bones and that would obviously mean that somebody had abused the baby on purpose over the course of weeks. In fact when she was brought to the hospital, she was on the verge of unconsciousness.

She had a fractured skull

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