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90 % of Users Don’t Know These 8 Hidden Features of an Android Smartphone

By Andrew Alpin, 12 June 2017


Almost every person has a Smartphone which invariably will be an Android. But despite being phone savvy enough to use its features; there are still some Android secrets 90% of users don’t know about. You’ll be surprised at what else your Android is capable of, so here are 8 hidden features of your Android.

1 The easiest way to save your battery power

Choosing a simple dark background for your screen turns off the automatic pixel lighting. This will keep the device on charge for a longer period. Although this feature isn’t available for all Android devices, it has been implemented on most Samsung Smartphones and tablets.

easiest way to save your battery power

Image Source: www.ilove-apple.com

2 Text-to-speech

If you have this feature in your Android phone, you can listen to this article rather than reading it. If you prefer hearing first hand information rather than reading it on your device, then go to settings-accessibility-turn on Text to speech output option.


Image Source: www.brightside.me

3 Smartphone remote control


Go to settings-security-device administrator and check the options next to Android Device Manager. Remotely locate this Device and allow remote lock and erase now. If by chance you lose your Smartphone, you can even locate and block it without losing your data but you need to access this website:


Smartphone remote control

Image Source: www.androidcentral.com


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