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9 Reasons Why It Is Healthy To Consume Two Eggs a Day

By Andrew Alpin, 21 June 2017


There is a huge misconception about eggs where some are of the opinion that eggs are bad, increase weight and cholesterol. But then there are those who simply love their eggs poached fried or boiled because they taste so good especially with your sausages or bacon. Boiled eggs, of course, are the healthiest way to eat eggs although it may be a bit boring but nevertheless, eggs are great and here are 9 great reasons to eat two eggs every day and all of them are healthy ones.

1 You reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease


One Hen’s egg contains 400 mg cholesterol but that doesn’t mean it will increase your risk of heart problems. The body produces most of its cholesterol where only 1/3rd comes from the food that we eat. When a large amount of cholesterol is consumed, the body reduces its production.

Research studies held at Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge observed that those who ate two eggs daily for breakfast experienced 65% reduction in weight loss, 35% loss in belly fat and no change in cholesterol. Eggs are rich in omega 3 fatty acid which reduces triglyceride levels in the blood thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Eggs reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

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