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9 Benefits Of Drinking Sage Tea Every Day

By Andrew Alpin, 1 November 2022


4 Drinking sage tea helps wounds heal faster and reverse the signs of ageing


A lot of people don't know that many different types of the Salvia plant are used to make cosmetics. For example, sage contains camphor, an ingredient that can help reverse the signs of ageing and stop wrinkles from forming.

This spice not only has camphor, but it also has carnosol. When you heal from the inside out, sun damage and skin problems that make the skin red and swollen have no chance. A study showed that making this herbal tea and topically applying it on cold sores, and other wounds helped them heal. Since fungus and bacteria can grow on your skin, using a product with both camphor and carnosol can help fight these toxins and keep your skin looking healthy.

Drinking sage tea helps wounds heal faster and reverse the signs of ageing

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5 Reduces hot flashes in women


Ask any woman, and she'll tell you it's very hard to go through "the change." What if all you had to do was drink a simple tea every day? A study observed the effectiveness of this herbal elixir on hot flashes.

More than 60% of the 71 women who participated in the study said it helped with their hot flashes. Hot flashes are one of the most annoying things that can happen at this time of life, so if drinking sage tea can help, it's a simple solution.

Reduces hot flashes in women

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6 Strengthens your brain


Instead of taking an antidepressant, you might just need a cup of herbal tea. Did you know holistic people often use the Salvia plant to make them feel better? Also, it can alter your brain in ways that can prevent you from developing diseases like dementia.

Amyloid plaques that build up on the brain are what causes dementia. Studies showed that the acids in this tea stopped this dangerous plaque from forming. The same study also showed that it could improve your mood, the way your brain works, and even how well you can focus. Anything that can stop dementia from getting worse is a good thing. Those who have a family history of this terrible disease can only benefit from drinking this elixir.

Strengthens your brain

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7 Regulates glucose control


Even if you haven't been told you have diabetes, it's very important to keep your glucose levels under control. Many alternative medicines for diabetes on the market contain this herb. The reason is that it works so well in controlling blood sugar.

A study measured how much sugar 105 adults with type 2 diabetes had in their blood. The people in the study drank 500 mg of this herb in a cup of tea with every meal. The study showed that their sugar levels were much better before and after meals after three months. The study also found that adding sage to your diet can have the same effect as getting an insulin shot every day. When you start taking insulin medicine, your body stops making its own insulin and becomes dependent on the supplement. But taking herbs can have the same effect, and you don't have to worry about your body stopping the production of this important hormone.

Regulates glucose control

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