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7 Fast Food Myths That Were Busted Long Ago

By Jatin Sharma, 1 May 2017


3 Taco Bell’s 35% meat in beef

Sometime back, rumor was going around that Taco Bell’s processed meat is only 35% meat and is unfit for human consumption. To quell the rumor, Taco Bell explained to public that their beef is 88% meat and 12% filler. The meat also contains some very safe chemicals like Trehalose and maltodextrin.

Taco Bell’s 35 meat in beef

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4 Fast food places Salads are healthy

Salads are generally considered the safest and healthiest options to choose while eating out. One may order salad from various options even at a fast food joint under the assumption of them being healthier. However, it was found that fast food salads contain more sugar, salt and fat in form of dressings and sauces. So it would be wiser to go for a burger instead of a salad at the fast food place.

Fast food places Salads are healthy

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5 Fast food is cheap

Most of the time, the argument that is put forth in favor of banning fast food is that it is a cheaper option to feed families instead of buying fresh ingredients and cooking at home. Hence families choose burgers, pizzas and fries over home cooked meals to save money.

Whoever Mark Bittman from NY Times found out that a McDonald’s meal costs $7 and it would cost you 28$ to feed a family of four. In its place, you can easily serve a family an entire chicken dinner at half the price at home. The only thing is fast food is convenient food, while home cooking takes up time, resources and cost of ingredients.

Fast food is cheap

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