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7 Disgusting And Bizarre Diets Of People Throughout History

By Jatin Sharma, 1 May 2017


4 Salad made from Jell-o

People have been using gelatin or aspic since 1600s, but 1950s took the craze of gelatin or Jell-o to new heights. Everything was encased in Jell-O and magazines published recipes of salads made with or using Jell-O. Ingredients like shrimp, rutabaga, meats, and vegetables were used to make salads that were enshrined in Jell-O. It was marketed to families as a way of eating their vegetables and one recipe also suggested putting a serving of mayonnaise on top.

Salad made from Jell o

Image Source: www.cookdiary.net

5 Roasted Heron

One of the oldest recipe books ever was written in 1390 by the name of The Forme of Cury and had 196 recipes in it. Some of the more exotic items on the list was seals, porpoises, whales and herons. The cooks, who made food for royalties had to work with whatever ingredients the king or queen or any royal liked. Heron was one such delicacy and you needed whole lots of herons for a royal feast. It was said that herons should be roasted whole, wrapped in ginger and bacon.

Roasted Heron

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