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61 Year Old Bikini Model Now Reveals The Secrets To Her Fantastic Looks And Youthful Figure

By Andrew Alpin, 20 December 2017


There are many who are of the opinion that women can only look beautiful till a certain age. That is very wrong. Given the right diet and healthy physical activity, you can remain in good shape even till old age. Now there are cynical who may feel that we shouldn’t be discussing the physical attributes of women as the examples of beauty and fitness and neither should one emphasize on such things but!! The reality of it all regardless of whether you want to admit it or not, is that both men and women like looking good. The Mirror industry proves it and so does the cosmetic industry or else these things would be redundant.

Now take for example Yazemeenah Rossi. She is 61 and she can give any model a run for her money. She is in fantastic shape and has even won a modeling contract for a swimsuit brand. She is elegant and poised in front of the camera and at first glance, none would believe her age. This 61-year-old bikini model now reveals her secrets on how she remains beautiful and fit. She rightly proves the fact that age is just a number.

61 Year Old Bikini Model

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1Her big secret

Rossi is all set to become the latest model of a swimsuit brand that is a collaboration between the well-known lingerie company “land of women” and online retail company The Dreslyn. The owner of Dreslyn, Taylor Corcia said that she considered Rossi for the job because not only does she have a fantastic figure, she “radiates health and vitality”. Perhaps she is the ideal examples of fitness, health and figure to showcase the brand.

Her big secret

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2Corcia’s decision had a reason

There was another reason why Corcia wanted to choose Rossi. She felt that there was too much hypersexuality associated with swimwear campaigns and wanted to remove this stigma attached to it.  She has thus shown that swimwear needn’t be the prerogative of young hot models but for all who had a positive body image. Rossi was the perfect decision and model for the launch of the swimwear brand.

Corcia’s decision had a reason

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3Rossi maintains her diet


Rossi reveals that diet is extremely important for good health and maintaining one's weight.  Rossi who was born in Corsica, France lives in Malibu and says that it is her Mediterranean upbringing that has influenced her diet. This means, that Rossi feels that the Mediterranean diet is undoubtedly one of the best diets to fitness, health and weight loss.

Rossi maintains her diet

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