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5 Bizarre Phobias You Don’t Want To Have

By Milos Kitanovic, 3 May 2017


3 Somniphobia – the fear of sleep

This is the phobia that scientists can't seem to quite understand yet. Some patients claim that they developed this phobia because of the nightmares they've experienced. And although it's entirely possible that some past trauma can cause the fear, the problem might just very well be the depression or an anxious disorder of some sort.

In any case, this is life-threatening given the fact that people can die from lack of sleep.

Somniphobia the fear of sleep

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4 Cibophobia – the fear of food

Cibophobia is a very serious condition in which the person is afraid of food prepared by someone else or food that contains unknown ingredients. However, let's not confuse this phobia with anorexia, where the fear of gaining weight is at the center of attention.

If not treated, cibophobia can get much worse, causing even more obsessive behavior. And over time it can damage the health pretty seriously. Also, let us not forget the social rejection these people are facing because others perceive them as spoiled and too picky.

Cibophobia the fear of food

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5 Panphobia – the fear of everything

Panphobia is very unspecified fear, not yet registered in medical literature. It is because of that fact that this phobia can be particularly dangerous. But broadly speaking it can be seen as the permanent fear of some unknown evil.

At first glance, people who suffer from it live a perfectly normal life. But in truth, this irrational fear of some esoteric, dark force can literally drive them to insanity.

Panphobia the fear of everything

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