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14 Amazing Futuristic Gadgets for Common People That Will Blow Your Mind

By Andrew Alpin, 16 March 2017


5 Jelly Cloth

For those who want their vehicle to look shiny this jelly cloth is perfect for cleaning difficult corners and crevasses or cracks in the car.

Jelly Cloth

Image Source: www.diycozyhome.com

4 Heatable Knife

Cutting frozen butter or cheese isn’t easy when you’re trying to hurry for work. Use the heatable knife to do the job in a jiffy.

Heatable Knife

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

3 Scooter in Suitcase


Who could have imagined a scooter in a suitcase? This could well be the best and most amazing gadget in the world where you take your own scooter on vacation.

Scooter in Suitcase

Image Source: www.mshcdn.com

2 Cycle Bagpack Safety Display

Most vehicles have safety lights however cycles don’t. This is an amazing gadget for a cyclist to display signs at the back of backpack with features like stop, go left, right or start.

Cycle Bagpack Safety Display

Image Source: www.tufing.com

1 Solar Power Electric Socket

Finding a power source to charge your phone is a daunting task when you’re out. The portable solar powered plug socket is a fantastic and amazing gadget that provides you energy that charges your cell phone and small electrical gadgets.

Solar Power Electric Socket

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


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