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12 Quick Remedies to Get Rid of a Cough

By Andrew Alpin, 15 December 2022


There are few things more annoying in life than a persistent cough. Coughing can be as simple as a tickle in the throat, or it might last long after a cold has passed. Regardless of how long you’ve had one, the discomfort may have you thinking and searching online for how to get rid of a cough in five minutes. But a cough isn’t always a negative thing. Coughing is a response that protects the lungs and airways from irritants such as dust, bacteria, and mucus. According to the American Lung Association, coughing on occasion is totally natural.

However, a cough isn’t necessarily anything you should dismiss. Michael Hanak, MD, an assistant professor of family medicine at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, says, “A cough has many causes, ranging from a common viral illness to asthma or seasonal allergies to more significant health problems, such as chronic lung conditions, congestive heart failure, or even cancer.”

According to Dr. Hanak, certain drugs could also be to blame. Environmental triggers such as dust, mold, or other pollutants may also be factors triggering your cough, either through lung irritation or postnasal drip. Another possible trigger is acid reflux. When should you see a doctor for your coughing problem? What if your cough is a sign of some serious health condition? Dr. Hanak said it’s fair to consult a healthcare practitioner for additional tests or advice when a cough persists for more than two weeks.

However, if you’ve recently started coughing, you can try these quick remedies to ease your throat.

1 Add honey to your drinks


Coughing but still craving something sweet? Just add some Honey to your drinks and beverages. Dr. Hanak explains that honey is useful in relieving cough alone or as part of a cup of tea. According to Penn Medicine, honey can relieve pain and fight viral infections. To get these health benefits from this natural syrup, mix two tablespoons of honey into a mug of warm water or hot tea.

Add honey to your drinks

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2 Gargle with salt water


Saltwater is an easy technique to relieve a cough. According to a 2019 study, it may help shorten the duration of a cough. According to Penn Medicine, while this solution may sting at first, it helps destroy bacteria, releasing mucus and reducing pain. Mix half a teaspoon of table salt and eight ounces of warm water, and gargle with it.

Gargle with salt water

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3 Take hot baths or showers


Aside from relieving tension after a long day, taking a hot bath or shower can alleviate common cold symptoms such as congestion, coughing, and sinus pressure. This is due to the steam’s humidity, which is excellent for opening your sinuses and thinning down your mucus. You can also try a humidifier, which adds moisture to the air around you and can work quite well as other quick remedies.

Take hot baths or showers

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4 Drink ginger tea


Ginger is widely known for its ability to soothe an upset stomach. But it can also help relieve a cough. Dr. Hanak notes, “Ginger has been found to be helpful in reducing cough and alleviating sore throat, and ginger lozenges are widely used for this purpose.”

According to him, the root also possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics that can help treat various ailments. Make ginger tea with a teabag or pour hot water over fresh slices of ginger.

Drink ginger tea

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