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12 Proven Ways to Rid Yourself of Bloating and a Large Belly without Abs Exercises

By Andrew Alpin, 5 May 2017


So you want to get rid of bloating? Well read on!!

A bloated belly is one of the worse conditions to go through life with. The fact that you may be having a protruding belly is bad, the add on of gas is worse. Not only do you look bad you feel bad, you can’t eat neither do you feel active. The constant feeling of bloating along with possible reflux can really screw your mind. What you don’t know is that even when you’re normal, half your stomach and intestines (about 1 liter) is full of gas.

Gas in your stomach is due to intestinal microorganisms and microflora or bacteria that assist in the digestive process. When these guys have a tough time trying to digest the wrong kinds of foods, more gas is produced, hence the condition of bloating. Here are ten ways to get rid of bloating and a bloated belly without abs exercise.

1 Tummy massage 1

Massaging this point relieves stomach tension and reduces gas. Massage 2/3 minutes clockwise and aging 2/3 minutes anti clockwise. You will soon experience a sour acid taste after which saliva increases.

Tummy massage anti clockwise

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2 Tummy massage 2

This massage helps to reduce water retention and relieves stomach cramps and abdominal. Press on the point shown in the image and massage in the same manner as before.

Tummy massage

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3 Tummy massage 3

This massage increases intestine activity and removes the feeling of heaviness. The massage has to be done in the area depicted in the image and in the same manner as type 1 and type 2. It will also get rid of bloating.

Tummy massage 3


4 A glass of warm lemon water daily in the morning

A glass of warm lemon water as you awake in the morning before breakfast stabilizes the secretion of gastric juices and relieves any heartburn which is common among several people who experience it after waking up in the morning. You also add to your dose of vitamin C.

A glass of warm lemon water

Image Source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com

5 Avoid coffee and milk for breakfast

While coffee is a stimulant and can irritate your stomach gastric acid causing more acidity, milk too does the same. Milk is m ore of a food and quite heavy where some people may also be lactose intolerant without knowing it. Yoghurt or Kefir is a good breakfast meals which contains prebiotics and probiotics. Bananas too contain prebiotics that colonize the healthy microflora in the stomach.

Avoid coffee and milk for breakfast

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6 Never wash down food

Drinks such as juices taken along with a meal may neutralize the gastric acids and enzymes necessary for digestion. This is why digestion may take longer where fermentation is allowed to set in. this again leads to gas formation and bloating.

Drinking juice after breakfast

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7 Ginger tea

Ginger tea reduces gas and calms the stomach. It gets rid of bloating and also improves blood circulation.

Ginger tea

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8 Don’t eat AIR

That sounds weird and it isn’t a typo. When you eat too fast, speak while eating, chew with your mouth open, drink carbonated drinks, chew bubblegum or smoke, you are actually eating air. Excluding smoking the others aren’t dangerous but they do lead to gas formation.

Don’t eat AIR

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9 Don’t eat fiber rich foods

Yes, this may also sound weird as you might have heard several health experts emphasize the goodness of fiber but don’t consume too much. Excess fiber may cause intestinal bloating, gas formation and reduces intestinal function because of coarse fibers. Too much of a good thing is also bad.

Bloating stomach

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10 Avoid fatty food

This is a common cause of bloating and stomach problems. Fatty sweets and rich processed fast food is harder on your digestion which takes longer. As a result more gas is produced leading to bloating. You also put on weight and will always experience a condition of abdominal discomfort.

Avoid fatty food

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11 Sleep, relaxation and meditation

Three healthy keys and the best mantra for a healthy mind and stomach. Anxiety and stress leads to overeating, gorging and even bloating. Just 15 to 20 minutes of yoga per day or meditative exercises will relax your mind, de stress you and also soothe your stomach and increase digestion. Yoga style meditation also increased digestion and can cure gastric disease.

Sleep relaxation and meditation

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12 Never eat while reclining or sleep immediately after eating

This is one of the worst culprits of bloating. Reclining whole eating or lying down after eating means you aren’t allowing your digestion process to work effectively. As a result it leads to bloating. Always sit up or walk around after a meal. Eat a diner at least two hours before retiring for the night.

Eating in the bed

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Committing yourself to these ideas will definitely get rid of bloating and no strenuous sweaty abs exercises are involved.