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12 Foods You Should Be Eating to Improve Your Skin Quality and Health

By Andrew Alpin, 2 September


The skin has multiple functions besides simply covering the body. It protects you from microbes, keeps the water balanced, and lessens UV light’s effects. So, a healthy skin barrier is important, but there are so many skin care products out there that it can be hard to choose. But maybe the best place to begin fixing your skin is from inside yourself. The best way to do it is by eating certain foods to improve skin quality and health. Always try to eat a well-balanced diet because some foods have excellent skin-enriching and nourishing properties.

Here is a list of foods that can make your skin better.

1 Red Grapes

Resveratrol is a chemical found in red grapes that are thought to slow aging. Some studies have shown that it may slow the production of free radicals that are bad for your health, hurt the skin cells, and makes the skin look older. Red grapes should be included among the foods to improve skin health.

Red Grapes

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Pumpkin is full of things that are often found in skin care products, like fruit enzymes, zinc, and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). It can help soften the skin and restore the pH balance of your skin, which may be a little more acidic. But the zinc you get from eating pumpkins helps to control how much oil your body produces. It also supplies you with vitamin C and carotenoids, which help stop UV rays from damaging the skin.


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Soy has a type of plant compound that can act like oestrogen or stop it from doing its job in the body. It might help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles and make your skin more flexible. It has been shown to make skin less dry and boost collagen, making skin strong and smooth. It also prevents UV rays from hurting the skin.


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4Sweet potato

Beta-carotene is present in high amounts in sweet potatoes. Once you ingest sweet potatoes, it gets converted to vitamin A inside your body. Its derivative, which is called retinol, is used in a lot of skincare products. Retinol helps fight wrinkles and speeds up skin cell turnover. When vitamin A is consumed, it protects the skin from spots, inflammation, and clogged pores.

Sweet potato

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