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12 Bipolar Depression Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore, say Psychologists

By Andrew Alpin, 23 April


With the current situation of the globe, there may be more downs than ups for people to experience. Bipolar depression is one of the many current issues people have been experiencing a lot in their lives. It is completely different since it is a debilitating depression that manifests itself in odd behaviour and persists for a long time. It's critical that you recognise the signs of bipolar depression. If you or someone you know is experiencing it, appropriate treatment can be sought before things get worse.

What is Bipolar Depression, and how can it be diagnosed?

Bipolar depression is defined as a state of bipolar disorder. Suppose you've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In that case, you're likely to experience periods of euphoria or manic episodes, followed by a state of depression. Both states are undesirable, but depression has the potential to be particularly harmful to the person experiencing it as well as those around them.

If it isn't horrible enough, those who are susceptible to developing this mental illness can go through both bouts at once. Even if they have extraordinarily high vigor levels, these people are likely to be severely depressed. It could be the strangest thing you've ever seen. You may be surprised to learn that the disorder is more frequent than you thought. You never know who may be silently suffering from it while appearing normal in front of others, which is why you must not dismiss a depressive episode's early warning symptoms.

There are 12 warning signs of bipolar depression that you should never overlook.

1 Feeling restless

The afflicted person is unable to settle in their new surroundings. The individual is restless, disturbed, and unable to relax. You might be able to tell that their minds are constantly racing because they speak quickly, and due to their insomnia, they're unable to get any rest.

You should check for additional signs of bipolar depression in addition to this one since it is also a stress-related symptom. However, it is important to keep in mind that bipolar depression can be triggered by stress.

What is Bipolar Depression

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2 Losing interest in everything


Bipolar depression can cause a person to lose their zest for life. It's not just the things they usually love to do in life, but they lose interest in everything. They can't turn their interest in life off and on. As a result, they lack the drive to be engaged in anything.

Losing interest in everything

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3 Feeling hopeless or sad and having a negative outlook on life

This is one of the most well-known and classic symptoms of manic-depression. Unipolar depression, on the other hand, exhibits this symptom (usually just called depression). If the individual also experiences manic episodes, this is a tell-tale sign of bipolar depression. It's important to remember that the depression associated with this ailment is more than just a general sensation of sadness. The individual will also feel completely hopeless.

Feeling hopeless or sad and having a negative outlook on life

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4 You experience psychosis

It's impossible to overlook psychosis as a symptom since it's so obvious. Hallucinations and paranoid delusions are common symptoms of bipolar depression. It resembles schizophrenia in many ways. Incoherent thought processes and fast speech might sometimes be signs of psychosis. Those who are suffering from it could hurt themselves or someone else if they don't get help.

You experience psychosis

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