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10 Ways to Slow Down Aging to Keep You Looking Young Longer

By Andrew Alpin, 26 December 2022


It’s natural that you and everyone else will want to look and feel as young as possible for as long as possible. A group of scientists found that some of the people tested were as healthy as they were in their 20s, while others seemed to be as healthy as senior citizens. Genetics only account for about 20% of how people age, as per the study. Environment and lifestyle play a much bigger role.

How do you use this knowledge to your advantage? Here are 10 great ways to slow down aging in your body and keep you looking younger for longer.

1 Include more vitamins in your diet


Antioxidants stop free radicals from hurting your cells. These free radicals enter the body from things like the sun or smoking. Selenium, E, and C are the most powerful antioxidants that slow down aging. So, increase your consumption of these vital nutrients to help you look younger.

You might want to add fish oil or other supplements that reduce inflammation to your diet. Fish oil has a lot of omega-3 acids, which help the heart work better, strengthen the immune system, and make hair grow faster. Omega-3 is also great for keeping your skin looking healthy and young.

Include more vitamins in your diet

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2 Eat less to live longer


Calorie restriction, which means eating less, can slow down aging by slowing down your metabolism to help you stay young longer or perhaps as long as you don’t get too hungry. Scientists for two years observed two groups of monkeys. They concluded that monkeys who ate fewer calories lived longer and were healthier.

You can also adjust your diet. Try to avoid all kinds of processed foods because the phosphates added to them make you age faster. Instead, eat foods that help you stay young, such as blueberries, dark chocolate, nuts, figs, salmon, avocado, turmeric, etc. This will lower your risk of heart disease, protect your skin and eyes, help your brain work better, and improve your gut health.

A recent study from the University of Scranton found that walnuts have the most antioxidants that help you avoid aging. If you eat just three walnuts every day, you will stay healthy and look younger. Also, try to cut down on added sugars and stop drinking soda and alcohol.

Eat less to live longer

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3 Spend time with people you enjoy


Blackburn’s research has also shown that the telomeres of people who live in safe, friendly places are longer. So, invest in your home and find a good neighborhood to live in. Another study found that people who are married or who frequently hang out with old friends also have longer telomeres. This means that they age a little bit slower than others. Some research has shown that six friends are the best number to have to stay healthy.

Spend time with people you enjoy

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4 Wear sunscreen and protective clothing


The damage done to the ozone layer has made UV rays from the sun a much bigger threat to your skin. When exposed often, your collagen breaks down, which makes your skin look thick, discolored, wrinkled, and sagging. This process is also called photoaging. But some studies have shown that people under 55 who wear sunscreen are 24% less likely to get photoaging or sun damage. It also cuts your risk of getting skin cancer by half.

To avoid discoloration and dark spots, put on sunscreen with at least SPF 30 at least half an hour before going out in the sun. This gives the skin enough time to absorb the sunscreen. Apply more sunscreen every two hours and right after swimming or sweating. Skin experts advise applying sunscreen even on a cloudy day because 80% of UV radiation from the sun is still there. In addition to sunscreen, it is best to wear clothes that protect you from the sun. Your face and neck will be even safer if you wear a hat with a wide brim. You should also use a sun umbrella if you spend a lot of time outdoors. You might want to buy clothes made of Ultraviolet Factor (UPF). UPF is a measure of how much UVA and UVB radiation a material lets reach your skin. A UPF 50 fabric blocks 98% of the sun’s UV rays.

Wear sunscreen and protective clothing

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