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10 Most Unsettling Pictures Of Patients With Botched Plastic Surgeries

By Jatin Sharma, 14 April 2017


Surgeries for medical purposes or for must have cosmetic processes is very well allowed in the medical field. But some people have a fixation with surgeries. Obsession with surgeries is one of the most dangerous obsession and we have a list of 10 people who have go beyond the obsession of cosmetic surgeries and have disfigured bodies and looks and were featured on ‘Botched ’ TV show.

1 This bodybuilder

Albert is a keen body builder. He started weightlifting in his college days, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t develop muscles. After visiting a doctor, he found that he was suffering from Poland Syndrome. This meant that he was missing muscles in his chest and he tried to get a pec implant in Mexico and the doctor botched the operation and the body rejected the implant. He hoped that doctors could fix him and make him realize the dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder.

Bodybuilder with Poland Syndrome

Image Source: www.aolcdn.com

2 Chopped nose

Victor/Victoria was a male to female cross dresser and felt that his nose was a hindrance to her appearance. He got silicone injected in her nose and she became seeing side effects of modules and granulations on nose. He had a rhinoplasty to remove those growths, but ended up with a botched nose job. However, later the doctors have found out that he had a giant blackhead on his nose and removed it via a simple extraction process.

Chopped nose

Image Source: www.eonline.com


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