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10 Signs That You May Have A Vitamin B6 Deficiency

By Andrew Alpin, 14 October 2022


4 Weakened immune system


If you don't get enough B6, it may be harder for your body to resist diseases and infections, resulting in a vicious cycle of falling sick frequently. Cancer and other diseases can use up all of your B6. You'd have to get even more of the vitamin to make up for that. This is easy to do with a B6 supplement.

Weakened immune system

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5 Cracked, dry lips


You might notice it in your mouth if you don't have enough B6. You might have scaly lips, and the edges might be cracked. Cheilosis, which is marked by sore, red, swollen, and cracked lips, can be caused by a vitamin B6 deficiency. These cracks can sometimes bleed and get infected.

Cracked and sore lips are not only very painful, but they can also make it hard to do things like eat and talk. If you eat foods high in B6 or take a supplement, you might be able to get rid of these symptoms. This condition can be caused by a lack of riboflavin, folate, iron, and other nutrients, as well as by sunny, dry, or windy weather and other outside factors.

Cracked, dry lips

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6 Numbness in your hands and feet


Feel anything in your fingers? Feel like your feet are dead? A disease of the nerves called peripheral neuropathy could be to blame. A lack of vitamin B6 could be responsible for this. It is vital to keep your nerves healthy, along with other B vitamins like B12.

Numbness in your hands and feet

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7 Brain fog


B6 helps keep your memory and mood in check. If you feel confused or sad, especially if you are an older person, you might not be getting enough of this vitamin. It could make you more likely to feel sad after a stroke, a broken hip, or another serious illness. B6 sometimes helps other B vitamins do their jobs properly. If you don't get enough to eat, it can slow down your mind, resulting in brain fog.

Brain fog

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