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10 Shocking Images That Zoo Owners Would Never Want You To See

By Andrew Alpin, 25 April 2017


Zoos may be cool places of entertainment. It can be an ideal fun outing for the family where you can view all your favorite animals on display. But!! That’s just your perspective of a zoo. From an animal’s perspective it can be a house of horror and a place of suffering and inhuman treatment not intentionally but out of lack of consideration. Once its closing time, that picture perfect zoo turns into a nightmare for animals. Take a look at 15 pictures Zoos don’t want you to see.

10 Animals live in littered cages


If you take a closer look you may see several cages filled with litter. This image particularly shows a crocodile beneath a pile of garbage which is pathetic. Tragedies often happen when animals mistake garbage for food leading to poisoning, illness and physical injury.

Animals live in littered cages

Image Source: www.baabin.com

9 Some animals are painted to be deceptive


Exotic animals aren’t what they seem and may be an eyewash. Zoos are habituated in painting animals to make them appear exotic or resemble other species. In the image below, it is a donkey painted to look like a zebra. Humans are tricked but it is the animals which suffer the harmful reaction to toxic chemical dyes.

kids playing on Painted Zebra

Image Source: www.365dm.com

8 Animals are treated with antidepressants


When animals experience severe illness like zoochosis, they aren’t treated for the cause but given antidepressants and anti anxiety medication. The penguins in this image have been given medication but such practices make the animal’s condition worse. Anti-depressants cause unusual behavior and it’s sad to know they are prescribed such stuff all because of trauma from confined small enclosures that have no similarities to their habitat.

Penguins in zoo

Image Source: www.imgix.net

7 Conditions aren’t always good


To maintain a zoo isn’t easy and because of the huge overhead costs involved, authorities try cutting down on expenses which negatively impact animals. As a result, animals aren’t fed properly, their enclosures aren’t cleaned regularly and the overall health and hygiene aspect is poor due to a lack of infrastructure and staff to ensure the same.

The sad stories of zoo

Image Source: www.voyagerloin.com


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