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10 Rarest Horse Breeds in The World

By Andrew Alpin, 27 September 2022


7 Newfoundland Pony


The Newfoundland Pony is also one of the rare horse breeds that are most likely to go extinct. There are still about 400 Newfoundland Ponies in the world, and only about 250 of them can breed. Newfoundland Ponies were workhorses to plough, carry, and move goods. But machinery replaced them, and many Newfoundlands were killed or left behind. The Newfoundland Pony comes from the Canadian province of Newfoundland. It is related to the moorland and mountain ponies that European settlers brought to the area.

Newfoundland Pony

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8 Oregon Wonder Horse


The Oregon Wonder Horse sports beautiful braids that would make any woman envious. It's hard to believe that these horses have manes so beautiful that they would make a hairdresser scream with joy. It's no wonder they are called "wonder horses" because legend says they are magical, and they sure look that way. Experts say that Oregon wonder horses were actually made by crossing draught horses with Andalusian horses. The first horse with a long mane was named Prince Imperial. It belonged to Emperor Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte III. Prince Imperial was known as the horse with the longest mane in the world.

Oregon Wonder Horse

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9 American Cream Draft Horse


The American Cream Draft is the only breed of draft horse that came from the United States. The breed can be traced back to a horse named Old Granny, who lived in Iowa in the early 1900s. Old Granny was a mare and a cream-coloured draft horse with a cream-colored offspring from an unknown ancestor. The American Cream Draft horse is a type of draft horse that is medium-heavy. On average, when they are full grown, mares weigh between 1600 and 1800 pounds (725 to 816 kg). The stallions will weigh anywhere from 1800 pounds to a tonne. They will be able to stand with 15 to 16.3 hands. This size is perfect for those who harness, hitch, and drive today's Cream of Draft Horses, which are easy to train, well-positioned, and eager to work. The American Cream Draft horse has always been a unique breed because of its origins. Only about 400 American Cream Drafts are registered right now.

American Cream Draft Horse

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10 The Bashkir Curly Horse


The Bashkir Curly horse is among the rarest horse breeds with American roots. It has a curly coat. They are one of the most beautiful horse breeds in the world today. However, no one knows where the breed came from, which is one of the biggest mysteries in the horse world. In 1868, Peter Damele and his father were riding horses in Nevada's Peter Hanson Mountain Range when they saw the first of this breed. They found three horses with strange curly hair, so they decided to find out more about them. One theory, which is where their name comes from, is that they are related to the Russian Bashkir or the Lokai, that live in Tajikistan and have the characteristic curly coat of the Bashkir Curly. However, this is almost impossible because no ship logs from Russian settlers mention horses.

The Bashkir Curly Horse

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