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10 Rarest Horse Breeds in The World

By Andrew Alpin, 27 September 2022


4 Exmoor Pony


The Exmoor Pony is one of the last horses from the Ice Age that is still alive today. The breed has been around for thousands of years and is the oldest and most pure of the native British pony breeds. Ponies have been grazing on grass in the barren, open moors of southwest England, called Exmoor, for hundreds of years. The breed was brought to Canada for the first time in the 1950s. Today, Exmoors can be found in different herds all over North America. The Exmoor pony is still a rare breed since only about 800 of them are left in the world, and less than 40 are in North America.

Exmoor Pony

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5 Eriskay Pony


The Eriskay Pony is a small and rare horse breed from Scotland's Hebrides. It likely grew out of the Celtic and Norse horses that settlers brought to the islands, and it even shows up in Pictish art. The breed almost went extinct because ponies and horses were crossed with them too often. The Eriskay Pony is tough and hardy. It has a waterproof coat and eats a lot of seaweed, especially in the winter. They are about 12 to 13 hands tall and are mostly grey, but there are also bay and black ones. Since they have a friendly temperament, Eriskay Ponies can be used for driving, light draft work, and as ponies for children.

About 420 purebred Eriskay ponies are left in the world today. Some sources even say that the number is less than 300. On the remote Eriskay Island, there is also a small group of about 20 ponies.

Eriskay Pony

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6 El Rey Magnum


El Rey Magnum is one of the strangest Arabian horses in the world. This breed looks like a cross between a horse and a giraffe because of its strange appearance and thin neck. El Rey is a type of Arabian horse with a dished face and a thin neck-latch that are typical of the breed. Now, vets are worried about horses like El Rey because they say that breeders who want their horses to look perfect are messing up the breed and putting the horses' health at risk. Most horse experts think that most Arabian horses are born with congenital defects like El Rey's, which could be fatal. It might make breathing hard for them, but their breeders think the colt is perfect and could be worth millions.

El Rey Magnum

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