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10 Neat Psychological Tricks to Make Others Agree with You

By Andrew Alpin, 24 March


We may all be unique in our own special ways but what everyone has in common is human nature and that allows us to create special relationships and forge friendship and bonds with others. It helps us to relate to other people and more importantly, it helps us devise ways to understand how someone else thinks or their pattern of thinking. Taking advantage of such things, it become possible to try and figure out what someone is thinking to be able to influence or impact their decisions or change the way they may think and act with us. Such hacks can also be used to gain an advantage over a situation and influence another to think in terms of what is beneficial for you. Here are 10 such helpful psychological tricks that can affect everyone.

1 Create an illusion of choice


When you want someone to do something, don’t immediately put forward your original request. Instead, ask for something more difficult before asking your original request. The trick here is to intimidate someone into finding how it is to comply with your request either because they can’t or they may not wish to. People always tend to go for the easier way out. The same goes for when you are trying to convince a person so you give them two different options simultaneously, one easy and one difficult where the easy one is your original requirement. It will surely be done.

Create an illusion of choice

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2 Turn disagreement to advantage


Among psychological tricks, don’t immediately object to something that someone has told you which you do not agree with. Speak acknowledging words like “I see what you mean” as an affirmation that they think that way, yet you haven’t as yet agreed to it. Then give your opinion by putting it across as a possible alternative and ask them how they would feel by thinking in this other way with the question “but have you ever thought about this part of it?” In this manner, your point gets across without the person opposing you.

Turn disagreement to advantage

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3 Mama knows best


By explaining to people that it was your mother or father who taught something to you, there are higher chances of them agreeing with you. People usually agree more to the words of a disciplinary older figure out of respect which also makes them think about their own parents. People usually believe their parents completely and mentioning that your opinion is something that comes from your parent, will have the same effect as if it were coming form their own family.

Mama knows best

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4 Take on a love loan


As much as you want them to, you might find that someone just doesn’t like you. But borrow something small from them like a book that interests you. Among psychological tricks, this establishes a reluctant connection which may result in the other party changing their opinion of you once you return the item promptly.

Take on a love loan

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