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10 Famous Unfinished Buildings Known All Over the World

By Andrew Alpin, 11 June


Rich architectural models like buildings show what a culture is really like. Every part has meaning, from the design to the size, and will last for generations. Even the monuments that aren’t completed yet have interesting stories to tell. Here is a list of 10 famous unfinished buildings that were started but whose construction unfortunately never ended.

1 Prora

On the German island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea, there is a three-mile-long hotel called Prora. Its construction began in 1936 under Hitler’s orders but stopped due to World War II. Hitler started building the Prora so that German workers could use it as a place to go on vacation. There are eight identical buildings with 10,000 rooms that all face the beach.

Prora was the first project taken on by “Strength Through Joy,” a Nazi leisure organization. The group did such a good job that no other travel company would go up against them. Hitler also wanted to use the resort as a backup military base. During the war and the years after, the thousands of rooms were just left empty. This impressive piece of Nazi architecture was briefly used by the Soviets, the German Volksarmee, and the German Bundeswehr.


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2 Ajuda National Palace

The Ajuda National Palace in Lisbon is a popular place for tourists because it is where the Portuguese Royal Family lives. Its construction began in 1796, but it was never finished because of several wars and financial problems. The palace, which was only half done, is now a museum. After the earthquake and tsunami of 1755, this neoclassical palace was built to house the royal family. Several things stopped the project’s progress from moving forward. First, when the royal family fled to Brazil in 1807. Then, when the French attacked the country. Even though there were problems, the project kept going until the 19th century.

Ajuda National Palace

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3 Sathorn Unique Tower


The Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 stopped the building of the Sathorn Unique Tower when it was only half done. Now, the 49-story skyscraper is empty and stands in the middle of Bangkok, the capital city. People in the area say the building is haunted because it feels strange and creepy.

When Thailand’s economy was doing well in the 1990s, many building projects were started. The Sathorn Skyscraper was one of those buildings that were supposed to have high-end offices and homes. But after the financial crisis, most of the big building projects, like the huge skyscraper, came to a stop. Some projects were finally finished years after the financial crisis, and work on the Sathorn Tower also started up again. But there isn’t much progress because the developers are still broke and don’t want to take too many risks.

Sathorn Unique Tower

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4 The German Stadium

Hitler had the idea of building the biggest stadium in the world, with enough room for 400,000 people to watch. This work began in 1937, and this colossal stadium in Nuremberg was to be used as a meeting place for the Nazi Party. The stadium was scheduled for completion in 1943. But, like most buildings built by the Nazis, it was never finished because of the war.

Currently one of the many unfinished buildings, the German stadium was going to be the biggest stadium ever. It was supposed to be 875 yards long, 500 yards wide, and 100 yards tall. But during the war, all hopes for the stadium’s completion were crushed when allied troops destroyed the nearby village. After everything was over, the foundations of the stadium and the test model were just left alone.

The German Stadium

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