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10 Cancer signs that most people usually ignore

By Apurwa Anand, 3 March 2017


If you are suffering from any minor health issue like pain, fever, cough, or any other health issue, it doesn’t mean that you should not take it seriously. These common health ailments may be the first signs of cancer, especially if they persist for a longer period of time, or if the condition worsens.

Researchers at the Cancer Research, UK, through their study found that more than half of the adult poplutaion had experienced the alarm bells for cancer, but sadly only two percent of them believed that these signs might lead to cancer. Having any of these signs do not necessarily mean that you have a cancerous tumour somewhere, but if any of these conditions are found to have no reason attached to them, then you might have to consult your doctor sooner than later.

Continue reading, to know about 10 early cancer signs that most people usually ignore.

10 Sudden weight loss without trying


Sudden weight loss without trying is one of the first noticeable signs of cancer. This sign is very common in people diagnosed with lung and breast cancer. Weight loss often happens, when the cancerous cells spread to the liver and have an impact on its functionality, particularly the functions related to removing toxins and regulating appetite. Sudden weight loss may also be the sign of digestive cancers.If you lose 10 pounds of weight in a month without any deliberate attempt to do so, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

Sudden weight loss

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9 Frequent fevers or infections


Fever is actually quite common in cancer, but it mostly occurs when the cancer cells have spread to other parts. Prolonged and frequent fever can be the sign of cancerous conditions like lymphoma or leukemia.

Frequent fevers or infections

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8 Fatigue


If you feel tired or weak, even after taking proper rest and adequate sleep, then you should immediately consult a doctor. Fatigue mostly increases when the cancer grows. Colon or stomach cancers may even result in blood loss, which may make you feel tired and dizzy all the time.


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