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10 Best Ways How to Lose Weight After Fifty

By Andrew Alpin, 24 March


You can still look fit and fabulous at 50 just like you did when you were 40. Some living proofs of this who are just going to turn 50 this year are Taraji P. Henson, Tina Fey, and Kelly Ripa. Although stars do have their own personal trainers and nutrition coaches, once they reach this milestone age in their lives they will still have to work a bit harder to lose the extra weight.

Why you need to put in extra effort? Well, this is because as you age your body composition changes. After 35 years, you begin losing muscle mass at an average of 3-5% for every 10 years. This also has an effect on how your body burns fat. Your middle age sore muscles, metabolism shifts, and stiff joints can all be countered with the help of these low-impact workouts and diet tweaks where you can finally lose weight after 50

1 Make a weight-loss plan with your doctor


Make a weight-loss plan with your doctor

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After celebrating your turning of a half-century, the next stop should be the doctor’s office. Luiza Petre, M.D., a New York City-based weight loss and management specialist and assistant clinical professor of cardiology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine says that your doctor will be able to assess your current state of health and address any health problems that could be affecting your weight such as sleep apnea or pre-diabetes. Moreover, your doctor will also help in making a plan for exercise and your diet. Your doctor might recommend a physical therapist or personal trainer for you.

2 You should get your hormones checked


You should get your hormones checked

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Have your doctor also check your hormone levels because when we age, our hormones like testosterone, progesterone, and others begin declining. This in turn makes our body more inclined towards storing fat rather than losing it. If you just get your thyroid, adrenal glands, and other hormone levels checked out, and then take the appropriate steps to bring them back into balance, you can reverse this and make your body continue losing weight even at 50.

3 Set goals which are more realistic


Set goals which are more realistic

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When trying to lose weight after 50, it would really hard to believe if you come out and openly declare that you are going to lose 20 pounds before going on your next beach vacation. According to Dr. Petre, being honest with yourself and making life changes takes courage and mental fortitude. Make your goals more achievable by breaking the big goals into smaller ones. If you focus on the positive changes and how you are feeling you will stay motivated and persistent in reaching your goals. Small triumphs will boost your courage and will eventually amount to larger achievements.

4 You should consult a dietitian


You should consult a dietitian

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You will find dozens of different eating plans all over the internet which claim to help you in shedding those extra pounds without feeling deprived of food. The Mediterranean Diet, the DASH Diet, and WW Freestyle have been considered as some of the best weight loss diets in 2020. Consult your dietitian to find out which one will work best for your lifestyle, as a dietitian will only be able to break down the pros and cons of every diet and help you in choosing the one most suited for your nutritional requirements and goals. You can also get ideas from an RD on how you can overcome the obstacles in the way of your goals such as food sensitivities, meal-prep fatigue, emotional/stress eating, and nutritional deficiencies.


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