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10 Best Free iPhone Apps of 2017 that Belong on Your Home screen Now

By Andrew Alpin, 2 June 2017


Regardless of you having an existing iPhone or just purchased a new one, you must check out these best free iPhone apps which belong on your screen. From organization, to password protection, navigation, social network, photography, music or movies, these will turn you iOS device into a powerful machine with loads of fun.

1 1Password

1Password is a great app available from the apple iTunes store which is free. It remembers all of your passwords in case you’re likely to be having more than one and keeps them secure behind a single password known only by you. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.


Image Source: www.imore.com

2 Clips

Similar to iMovie, Clips is designed for impulsive on the fly video capture. You can grab scene with a large red button. Live captions can feature on recordings which work well and you aren’t restricted to footage captured in the moment. Clips imports existing photos and videos where you can even add stickers, emojis and effects to any individual photo before you post it online.

Clips app

Image Source: www.macrumors.com

3 Emolfi


Emolfi is ridiculous and loads of fun. It’s the first empathic selfie that guesses your mood by your selfie and then adjusts the background with images of its own. So, if you’re happy, you’ll get bubbles and sunshine all around you, if you look angry or scared, you’ll get a background that looks like a horror movie like a spider crawling towards your face with your eyes animated towards it with a worried expression.

Emolfi app

Image Source: www.techtly.com


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